Knight in a paw patrol jumper

Today I had the unfortunate experience of explaining (again) why shoplifting is not ok. 

Emma in her wisdom (after being told she couldn’t have a pair of pink diamanté sunglasses) proceeded to put them in her bag when I was not looking. I caught her.

I told her off and she cried and to the rescue came a small boy about the same age. Declaring he’d save Emma because he was…. spiderman. A proper little knight in shining, well, spiderman persona.

He kept asking her if she was ok and then telling me he was spiderman. He then proceeded to lead Emma to protection. At the point Emma was confused and I was trying not to laugh and little boys mum then came over.

He then declared he was off to the lift but do be careful because it’s dangerous.

Kids eh? 


Day 14 of new meds, all good so far.  Appointment with psych next Monday to discuss, and also back to work too!  I’m looking forward to it.

In other news, I’ve been trying my hand at website building.  It was a definite learning curve, but I’m quite chuffed with the results so far. Now just need to add content and off we go!

Oh! and Emma got into her first choice school, well our first choice school for her.  Shes going to school in September! When did my tiny 6 pound girl become so big?!

Toddler Reenactment

I have lost count the number of times I have watched Frozen. Emma watches it all the time. At least 3 times a week (the rest of the time is Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom)

Not only are we in the phase of watching and rewatching Frozen, but also the phase of role play and pretend imaginary play.

Which is how I found myself playing Elsa to Emmas Anna, complete with a Frozen medley.

It’s scary how much of the lines she knows; granted they’re a tad bastardised. 

Here’s a few gems.

“Come on Elsa, wake up. The sky’s awake so I’m awake!” Whilst flopping on me dramatically.

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” After knocking on the bathroom door a few times. 

Lying on the floor, legs in the air, clucking her tongue. 

“Mummy! You be Elsa, I be Anna!”

Oh to be almost 3 again. 

I’m reminded of when I was 8 or 9, and my cousins and I used to go swimming at the beach, or to the pool, and we would pretend to be mermaids. I specifically remember laying in the surf, on my back singing Part of Your World from the Little Mermaid, pretending to be Ariel.  


Being a child is magical. 

All She Wants For Christmas

Today we took our annual trip to Winter Wonderland. We’ve been every year for the last 5-6 years.

Since Emma arrived, every year we now visit Father Christmas. It’s definitely a tradition, and one I hope will carry on for a few years more.

This year Father Christmas asked Emma what she would like for Christmas. Last year she didn’t know many words. This year, she’s a gold medal conversationist.

She told him that she wanted Sandwiches (and daddy wanted sausages) and apparently she was the second child to ask for sandwiches for Christmas today. Kids are weird.

Inexpensive Christmas, a ham and cheese sandwich! Or maybe we will make it a festive one, with Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Boxing Day sandwiches are the best. 

Oilatum Junior

products sent (not shown – towel & candle)

Emma hasn’t had amazing skin since she was little. She’s got a mild form of eczema, which doesn’t really present a problem, but we were given some cream for her to use after her baths. 

So when I was asked if I wanted to review Oilatum Juniors new range for kids, of course I said yes! We’d already been sent a bottle of the lotion, which we found was much better for Emmas skin than the generic emollient cream we were prescribed. It was less greasy and tacky for a start.

Included in the gift basket we got were some very cool things to make bathtime more fun! (Or funner…should I say)

A lovely soft white hooded towel from The White Company, bath toys and a lovely bath thermometer. Not to mention a lovely smelling candle for me to use once bathtime was over and I needed to recuperate! Bathtime is exhausting with a toddler!

In 2012 a survey was taken by 280 parents (16-64) with children between the ages of newborn and 16. 44% of these parents claimed that their child/ren have had a dry skin condition. Oilatum launched a new range (see above!) to help parents care for their children’s skin. The Oilatum Junior range contains ultra mild products that have been expertly formulated with dermatologists to gently and effectively clean the skin of little people (and bigger people!) without the worry of skin becoming aggravated and to help combat an prevent dry skin.

The Oilatum Junior Cleansers Range contains these items; (see photo above)

~a shampoo, which is soap free and also contains a gentle conditioner to help with tangles

~a head to toe daily wash

~a foaming bubble bath

~a moisturise lotion

Oilatum Junior very nicely sent us all 4 products and we love them. They clean really well, and Emmas skin is noticeably less dry. We wash her hair twice a week (unless she some how managed to get something disgusting in it) and the shampoo leaves her hair clean, soft and smelling really nice. I could sit and smell her for hours (she doesn’t sit still though!) The moisturiser isn’t greasy or sticky and absorbs really well, and doesn’t stain your clothes either. 

Definitely products that we will continue to buy and use as well as recommend to others.

You can buy the range of products at all leading grocery stores and chemists.

Much thanks to Jen and the team at Oilatum Junior!

The views and opinions posted are my own, however products were gifted to me by Oilatum Junior for review. 


Emma turned one last week.
I don’t quite understand how a whole year has managed to go by. How is it that one minute I am holding a tiny newborn girl, and now that tiny new born girl is toddling about?

She is clever and cheeky and so incredibly inquisitive.
Her first understandable sentence was strung together at 11 months old. It was “who is that?” Followed by “what’s that?”

She was walking confidently by her first birthday, which amazes me.

She absolutely adores dogs, and will get incredibly excited if she sees one.

She has no fear, and is full of giggles and laughter.

She was almost 3kg at birth, and now, a year on, she is 10.3kg and 72.5cm tall.

Her hair is longer and lighter and her eyes are currently green one day, hazel another and light brown the next.

She is my light.
My life.
My love.

Happy Birthday Little Duck.


First Shoes

I now have a toddler, mostly, when she’s not being lazy anyway.
Which of course meant we needed to buy her a pair of decent shoes.

So we went off to a well known British shoe store in Richmond. Where the kids department is on the first floor and there are NO lifts.
Whoever came up with that setup is clearly a genius….
Having to leave the buggy next to to the till, along with the other buggies there, we traipsed upstairs to get shoes fitted.

As a rule, this particular retailer doesn’t like to sell shoes if your child isn’t walking yet, so they asked me about Emmas walking skills, and LO and behold, kiddo refused to prove she could actually walk. Choosing instead to crawl everywhere or just generally cruise.

Until she saw the shoes on the shelf, which promptly turned into a game of “mama, I throw these shoes, then you pick them up and put them back so I can throw them again!”



Picked a pair of shoes (from 2 choice styles and 4 colour schemes) and it immediately bugs me that children’s shoes for new walkers are so limited. My choice was a pale gold, a pale pink, a purple with multicolour dots, and white with pale purple-pink dots. That’s it. That was my choice.

Shoes that don’t go with most of the clothes she has. £26 for a pair of shoes, that go with maybe 2 outfits.

Why can’t they just do a plain black or white style shoe? Black goes with everything!

So, we have shoes now, for the next 2 months anyway. Then I need to go back and do the whole thing again.
This time I’ll go to Staines, where everything kid related is on the ground floor!


Down and Up

On Wednesday, I relapsed. It was horrible. I spent the rest of Wednesday and Thursday trying to bring myself back up to an “ok” level.

Then today happened.

The most amazing high I have ever experienced in the last few months. It’s pulled me right out of my low.

Emma walked. Unaided for more than a couple of steps. She’s been cruising and using her push along walker for about 2 months now, but she’s not had the confidence to stand unaided for more than 5 seconds, nor walk unaided for more than 2 or 3 steps.

Until today.

First proper steps at 11 months old.

Proud mama doesn’t even BEGIN to cover how I am feeling right now.