Data, Data, Data

I recently upgraded my phone contract. It was due for renewal, and as much as I loathed changing contract, I really did need a new phone.

I had an iPhone 3G for 2 years, with O2. 600 inclusive minutes, unlimited text messaging and unlimited data. I upgraded that phone to a 3GS, same contract. It was a good contract.

It may come as no surprise to many people that I use my phone a LOT.

I use it for emails, for phone calls, for text messaging, for taking photos, for Facebook, for twitter, for games and well, this list can be endless.

So when my phone was up for renewal, I looked around. I wanted the latest iPhone, but the deal wasn’t that great. I got more minutes and still unlimited text messaging, but they stopped doing “unlimited data”. Instead you get 500MB of data per billing month, with free unlimited wifi. No way in hells bells is that enough for me.

Looking around nothing else was any cheaper or any better elsewhere, so I decided to bit the bullet and stay where I was (less hassle) and just upgrade. Now I get 900 inclusive minutes, unlimited text messaging and 1GB of data as well as unlimited wifi. I pay a few pounds more than I did, but it was the better deal. It was even better that I sweet talked the sales guy into waiving the charge of the handset. Go Me!

This data malarkey confuses me. Being a girl who never had to worry about data, I just did my thing and, well, didn’t worry.
Now I have to worry AND limit my usage (which my husband will only say is a “GOOD THING”). So with this in mind my brother-in-law (well not really, but kinda) introduced me to an app called Onavo. Apparently Onavo is an excellent app for reducing data usage on your iPhone. So I got it. I now constantly check my data usage to make sure I’m not using too much.

I checked it today and this is what I got;

~ iPhone – 221.80 Mb

~ Onavo – 263.69 Mb

~ O2 – 323.07 Mb

How can I have 3 different sets of data usage for the EXACT same period?

Either the iPhone software that Apple have put on my phone is really buggy and doesn’t work OR the Onavo app isn’t reading my usage correctly OR O2 is scamming its customers.

I’m confused interwebs.