Pretty Bras For Pregnant Ladies (and non-pregnant ones too)

I’m pregnant. I have boobs. I want a bra that not only fits and is comfortable but is also pretty and makes me feel like a woman, as opposed to a human incubator.

I recently wrote about how difficult it is to find and buy nice, supportive, comfortable and inexpensive bras, in fact I’ve written on this subject more than once, but recently I wrote about it again and the fact that when pregnant it gets even harder and more frustrating. I eventually found somewhere and I’m in the process of trying them out (stay tuned).

A few days after that post I was approached by Best British Bloggers on behalf of Panache Lingerie, looking for bloggers to review a few of their new Winter lingerie sets. A series of smoking hot bras, on equally smoking hot models. Me, a 7 month pregnant blogger, reviewing sexy lingerie for Panache? Don’t mind if I do.

The Cleo Natasha is a really pretty purple and navy camouflage style under-wire bra, and starts from a D cup (sorry lucky ladies with small pert boobies!) and go up to a J cup (some go up to K cup).  I opted for a HH cup taking into account my ever expanding boobs, apparently incubating small humans means growth not just in the tummy area, but also, thighs, ass and boobs!

Cleo Natasha close up

I put the bra on and it was comfy. It didn’t dig in or feel awkward and my boobs actually fit in the cups. The straps were wide enough to support the hefty weight of my bosoms, but not too wide that it looked un-sexy and best of all they didn’t sink into my shoulders and cause them to look like rivers of bra strap running through two mountains, because lets face it, that look? it’s not sexy at all.  It fit just right in the back and didn’t ride up (which is a sign that you’re not wearing the correct sized bra), instead it felt comfortable.  The only thing I didn’t like was the label, as it felt scratchy across my skin, but that’s easy enough remedied with a sharp pair of scissors.

The bra itself was a little big in the cups, but that’s OK because I’m expecting to expand a little anyway, so come 2 months down the line it will fill in nicely.  The under-wire doesn’t dig like you’d normally expect it to and over-all it was very comfortable to wear and it felt supportive.

Over-all it met all of my criteria. It was comfortable, supportive and nice looking and best of all it was affordable* and when I’m less pregnant and my boobs are a stable size again I’m definitely going to treat myself to a few more in this range.

Thumbs Up from Me.

For more information about their new range, please visit Panache’s website.

The Cleo range of lingerie by Panache can be purchased online or in stores across the world and to find an online retailer or shop that will be stocking this range, you can visit

*this bra was gifted to me by Panache for this review via the kind people at Best British Bloggers

My First Maternity Piece

I often find it difficult to shop for nice clothes that fit. Mainly because everywhere I shop, the size I normally wear never fits. I can be a UK size 16 in some shops but a UK size 22 in others. It’s ridiculous. I have the same issue with bras.

I’m actually a UK size 18. You’d think every size 18 was the same (insert maniacal laughter) its not.

A few months back I saw an amazing top. It’s was a very professional looking business wear shirt. I adored it until I released that it was in the maternity section. Women who aren’t pregnant shouldn’t wear maternity clothes. Except I really liked the top. So what I did, which is what anyone else (most people I guess) would. I asked twitter. The majority said just buy it. But I felt uncomfortable. So I didn’t buy it.

Then today I saw the most amazing top. A pink (yeah I know. me and pink!) floral top. Sleeveless, with a pleated neck line and buttons up the back. Then I released it was in the maternity section.
I couldn’t resist this one. So, I bought it.

I bought maternity clothes to wear without being pregnant.

I tried it on and it fit beautifully. It was comfortable, it felt great and it looked great and it hid my tummy.

I may not be pregnant but from now on I’m buying maternity wear.

If maternity wear fits me so well now, god forbid what will happen when I am actually pregnant.

Back to square one I guess.

dancing in my nuddy-pants

So I went shopping at the weekend, as now I have decided I hate shopping for clothes. hate it hate it HATE IT!

It’s horrible. I went in all these shops and saw all these really pretty dresses and tops and trousers , and none of them were in my size. so not only do I HATE SHOPPPING but I HATE SKINNY GIRL SHOPS.
I eventually go into Dorothy Perkins, who do my size, find some nice stuff on the shelves, and try them on (in the changing rooms not just on the shop floor) and woe and behold none of it fits!!! so now i am thoroughly depressed as I am what is known as “massive heffer” who can’t find clothes to fit over her massive nungas. and I hate shopping, which sucks.

I did eventually find some stuff, a few tops (3) of which I spent £92 on.

It’s so not fair, the only shops I can find stuff to fit me, I have to pay an absolute fortune for. Not like when you go into New Look and Top Shop and pay decent prices (well not always) for something in a size -48.

oh – and it’s a good thing I can’t afford designer stuff, hardly likely to find a Chanel suit in anything smaller than a size 12. but at least there are shoes. oh no. wait. I can’t afford jimmy choos either.

oh well I guess I’d better lump it.