Bloody Leak

After a lovely, but cold, day, I got home to my husband saying that the washing machine had leaked and flooded our hallway. Our carpeted hallway.

Typical really, on New Years Day. Management Agents office is shut. I’ve emailed and left voicemails. Chances are at the earliest they’ll call back tomorrow. Or Monday.

So of course, we are trying to do the best we can to dry out the carpets. The fan has been going for a good 3 hours now. I’ve used towels to soak up the excess, and some microfibres cloths too. Which are a lot quicker to dry than towels.

When, BAM, an idea. A real eureka moment. Until the husband came into the hallway, with an amused “WTF” expression on his face.

There I was, laying a floor of Always Ultra Night time pads. On the carpet. To help soak up the water.


It’s not like I can use them, they’ve been sat unused in the bathroom for over 18 months (thanks allergens!) and the packs were opened, so not like I could donate them. Made sense.

They work like a charm! 


Makes me wonder what else I can use them for……

Allergy Scarring

So last Friday I had allergy testing for lots of things, which I posted about last week. Turns out I’m allergic for lots of things.
It was 6 days ago and the area they tested for grass pollen has scarred. I am literally scarred by grass pollen allergens. It’s only a tiny scar but seriously!!! Is that supposed to happen?
Anyone else get any scarring from allergy testing?

Results are in

So I had my allergy testing this afternoon, there were some obvious ones and some that took me by surprise!

I’m very allergic to grass and all tree pollens, very obvious by the fact that from March to September my hay fever is mental. So mental that not only do I need daily anti-histamines but also a nasal spray and eye-drops and even then it’s sometimes not enough.

On top of those I’m also allergic to dogs, Hazelnuts, and Almonds. As well as most raw fruits, raw carrots, spinach and potatoes plus peanuts and honey. In fact I have a big ass list of what I must avoid.

It seems that having a severe allergy to Birch Tree Pollen means that I’m likely to have a reaction to the above but not always and the consultant said I must carry anti-histamines with me at ALL times. At least I don’t need an epi-pen.

So looks like I’m on anti-histamines for the foreseeable future. Guess I best call my doctor on Monday to see if I can get a bulk prescription for my drugs.

I’m pretty pissed that I can’t even have peanut butter anymore. I frigging love peanut butter! Oh well. There’s always bacon.