How Much?!


So I saw this. In this mornings MetroUK paper.

A footballer who earns £13.1m a year.
Am I surprised?
Not. At. All.

Is Tom from Essex surprised? Nope! In fact he believes stars are unfairly criticised for the salaries they receive.

And for the most part, I do think some salaries football players receive is ridiculously excessive. However, they’re employed by private companies, who as such, can do whatever they hell they like with their money.

What did make me chuckle this morning was Tom saying,
“There are people in other fields of work who earn similar salaries, if not more than Messi and company, but because they aren’t followed by the paparazzi, their spending antics go unnoticed”

So that would be the music and film industry I can only presume? And maybe some writers?
I simply cannot think of any other job that pays anyone £13.1m or more per annum?

It makes me wonder though. Who are these non-celebs being paid £13.1m + per annum? What do they do? What field are they in? Because I think I need to start re-training!

Two Down

Two days done, three to go.
It’s been hard and easy at the same time.

Hard to leave Emma, yesterday I cried.
Hard to be back in a job that previously caused me a lot of problems.
Hard because standing for 7 hours straight doesn’t help my sciatica at all and by the end of the day walking is hard.
Easy because its busy and the time passes quickly.
Easy because I’ve grown as a person and I’m able to ignore pettiness and just get on with my tasks.

Three days left of my first week back.

Days where I’m already counting the minutes at 05:59 and I’m racing home at 13:29.

Days where I’m back to mumbling, is it Friday yet?

First Day

Today was my first day back at work after having 5 month off for Maternity Leave.

I’ve been dreading it for a while, full of anxiety about returning to work with people who caused a lot of problems for me. Also sad about having to leave my 20 week old baby for a huge chunk of time.

The job I do can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. I always aim for as easy as possible simply because I don’t like making life any harder than it has to be.

My job is unique and challenging and sometimes I deal with people who, for whatever reason, can be angry, aggressive, mean, shrill and screaming, crying, happy, sad, and the rest of the emotional spectrum in between.

I deal with the elderly, businessmen, children, ladies who lunch and everyone in between. I once gave Dame Kelly Holmes directions and didn’t even realise until she walked off!

I’ve been physically assaulted 3 times in my job. I’ve been verbally assaulted more times that I can even count. You have to have a relevantly thick skin on some occasions.

I wondered if today I would be verbally assaulted and if so what derogatory term would be used. And I was, and I wasn’t surprised by the fact. On fact it wasn’t that bad of a phrase. The worst I got today was “you’re fucking unreasonable”, which of course I wasn’t, but he was cross and now had spent more than intended because he didn’t purchase his ticket before travelling. (Make sure you purchase your tickets before you start your journey!)

It went by quicker than I expected and it was less painful than I thought it would be. However I was still counting down the minutes the moment my shift started. Being away from my girl for so long is hard and I dislike it, and if we could afford it I’d give up my job and be a Stay At Home Mama.
Maybe one day I will be able to do that.

Best start buying those lottery tickets, and saving more pennies than I spend!

Porn Star Wanted

A while ago (for the second time in 3 years) I signed up to every recruitment agency and every job board website going, because I desperately wanted to leave my job.

Thankfully I got a secondment and refreshed my CV and took some time away from the current job. Then I got pregnant with Emma, which allowed more time away.

However some of the email notifications I forgot about, and now every so often I’ll get a phone call from a recruiter or an email round up of jobs advertised.

Usually I skim read and delete, unless there’s something worthwhile with the right location and money.

Today, this landed in my inbox.


I’m not quite sure how I managed to get this type of job advert from a search based on customer services and account management!

That’s some kind of service and management eh?

I don’t think I’ll be applying.

sweet smell of success

Are you looking for a job? A chance to make some extra money?

Something part-time to fit in around your current job or the kids?
Something full-time?
Do you have the gift of the gab or a flair for sales?
If so, then I could have the perfect opportunity for you.

FM Group is a fast growing company in the perfume market, and they’re looking for distributors and sales consultants.
FM Cosmetics UK offers a large range of fragrances of all types at affordable prices.

You can start off with FM in two ways;

  • Become a “preferred customer”
  • Become a “distributor”

To check out their brochures you can visit their website.
For more information or to take up this opportunity contact Paul at

FOR SALE : one pair of used panties

Ok, so the blog title is a lie. I’m not actually selling my worn panties. Although based on the research I just did, it seems as though I’m in the wrong job! Apparently there’s a market out there for used/worn/soiled/musty/wet panties. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

My best friend and I have some really bizarre and strange conversations. We have done since we were 14, which is why, I guess, that we’re such great friends. We can talk about everything and anything and not worry about being judged or ridiculed.

Tonight’s conversation was about jobs. Finding stuff that we really want to do and stuff we really enjoy. I jokingly said she should become an Ann Summers rep, or write erotica, or even became a phone sex operator (they make big bucks!).

I watched a documentary on phone sex operators and most women do it from home, and can make a fair amount of income. Think about it, you spend all day on the phone, you can catch up on your ironing whilst telling someone that you’re not wearing any panties and that you’ve been a naughty girl and need to be spanked. It seems that some men pay big bucks for these types of phone calls. So essentially you’re getting paid to stay home, in your pyjamas, catching up on your ironing and making the odd moan of “you like that?” down the phone. Easy money I’d say. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’d laugh my arse off, I’d totally do that kind of job.

Anyway, I digress. I told my friend that she could probably sell her used panties on eBay. It seems that there’s a market for that too. Mind you, I’m not surprised, if there’s a market for men who want to be sat on by 300 pound women, then why not dirty panties. I even found out that there’s a market for used underwear that’s been squirted with breast-milk. Mommy issues maybe?!?

Think about it, you can get some really nice feminine underwear for as little as £1. (it’s not like you plan to wear it for a long time anyway) You wear the panties,and then someone buys them. On my research I found a woman in the UK who sells her used under garments for £23 a pair. There’s a profit to be made here. And it cuts down on laundry, because you won’t need to wash your pants. You just pop them in an envelope and mail them off.

Somehow I don’t think either of us will change our careers from what we’re doing now to selling our dirty panties on the Internet, but in this economic climate I guess it’s an option.

Imagine explaining that job on your CV.