40 weeks

40 weeks today!

I’m still trying to get my head round the fact that I’m carrying a baby. It’s a very surreal experience that every so often throws me into a wobble.

A magical surreal experience, with genuine Oh My God moments.

Flump is due today, however only 5% of babies come on their due dates.
When I found out I was pregnant on July 13th 2012, the first thing I did was tell The Husband and then I went on to the Internet and calculate my due date. The internets informed me 22nd March.

On July 18th we saw our doctor, who double checked, yep, still the 22nd of March.

We waited (impatiently) for our first ultrasound scan on September 16th and again was confirmed as an expected due date of 22nd March.

From the moment I saw/heard the 22nd March I automatically knew I wouldn’t be on time and instead instinct told me I’d go 2 days overdue. Flump would arrive on March 24th, which is my own birthday.
Just like instinct is telling me that Flump is a boy.

It seems we only have a few more days to find out!

Today was potentially my last midwife appointment. It was rough and brutal.
After all the checks were done, I had an internal examination, cheerfully known as a “stretch and sweep”. Does what it says on the tin people. Stretches and sweeps your cervix to get those hormones that trigger your labour to flow freely.

The midwife was surprised, as most first time mums aren’t quite ready on their due dates. They have firm and unyielding cervixes.

Mine? Well it’s soft and thin and stretching quite nicely. Hell, you could buy it dinner and drinks and it would probably let you take it home on the first date!
Its basically doing what it should, 1cm down and only 9cm to go.

The midwife also managed to get a feel of Flumps head. She double checked babies heart rate afterwards, and it was a bit higher, poor little bugger was probably freaked out that someone had touched his head! Flump hates been palpated during appointments so god forbid his reaction with someone physically touching his head. Surprised I didn’t get a few broken ribs.

My next appointment is the 28th, however midwife doesn’t think ill be attending that appointment, so we should have an actual baby soon!!


Final Countdown

We are in the last week (or maybe not) of this pregnancy.

Anytime from now until the next 3 weeks (maximum) will see me having a baby.

From the moment I discovered I was pregnant and I calculated my due date, and then the GP confirmed it, then the Midwife confirmed it and then the scans confirmed it, I KNEW that I’d have a birthday baby.

Flump is due on March 22nd. I was born on March 24th.

I may still be wrong of course.

Either way, I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore.

All we need now is a cot mattress, which we tried to buy yesterday but Mothercare refused to accept our monies.

Lets hope kiddo is 2 days late, so at least we have time to get the mattress so Flump has somewhere to sleep!

38 minus 7

I took a bump photo today. The plan with all of the bump photos, scan photos, photos of us prepping for Flump will eventually be made into a book, along with a few of the posts I’ve written here whilst pregnant.

I think it’s a lovely idea of something Flump can look at as he/she grows older and will be a great keepsake along with the baby book that The Husband and I are putting together.

After I took my 38 week bump photo, I compared it to one 7 weeks ago when I was 31 weeks. It’s scary that I look ever so slightly smaller this week than I did 7 weeks ago!

Granted I’ve lost a bit more weight since, a grand total of about 17lbs has been lost since I became pregnant. Seriously, had I know I’d have lost weight whilst pregnant, I’d have done it years ago!!

A few of my pregnant buddies have said that I look as though baby has dropped slightly. Dr Google and his Cronies said that towards the end you start to lose a bit of amniotic fluid and your baby bump does appear smaller.

Who knows what it is, but all sources point to, baby will soon be here!


The Cupboard

Flump is due in about 2 weeks time. (Sooner I am hoping)

We’re practically ready, although we still need to buy the cot mattress and bedding, yeah procrastinating at its best! We have pretty much everything else we need though.

The plan once Flump arrives is to breastfeed. The plan has always been to breastfeed and express my breast milk so The Husband can help with feeds. With that in mind my mother got us a bottle and sterilising kit by Tommee Tippee.

It comes with an electric steriliser, a single bottle microwave steriliser, an electric bottle warmer, 2 bottle insulators, formula mixers (??) a bottle brush, tongs, a dummy (soother) and 8 bottles.

Tonight we set it all up. It looks pretty awesome, if a little overwhelming.



With only 4 weeks to go (maybe less, maybe more) I’m finding myself very impatient. Not only am I achey and sore and so full of hormones that I could probably siphon off and donate some, but I’m also starting to experience that Pre-labour stage.

Lots of cramping and full aches that feel like Aunt Flo is on her way to visit. Constant bathroom trips, plus other delightful signs.

Not to mention that Flump is so low down into my pelvis, I’m pretty sure I could probably rub his/her head if I so wished to try (don’t worry, I won’t!)

Right towards the beginning of my pregnancy I wrote this post and it got me thinking about all the things I’m impatient for.

I’m impatient to see Flump and not be pregnant anymore.

I’m impatient for cuddles and kisses and to experience the first emotions that you get when you give birth.

I’m impatient to see what my baby looks like and sounds like.

I’m impatient for Sunday mornings, with the Husband, snuggled in bed with Flump.

I’m impatient to see that first smile, and I don’t even care if its wind.

I’m impatient to see the Husbands first moment with Flump, to see Flump snuggled up with his/her daddy.

I’m just impatient.

Seeing Flumps face at yesterday’s growth scan and the fact that Flump has chubby cheeks has made my impatience grow by 100%.

I can’t wait for that first skin to skin moment, that first cuddle, first kiss, the first time my baby looks at me and wonders “what the hell just happened”.

I can’t wait for the first time I see the Husband and Flump together, two of my most cherished people snuggled up.

I can’t wait to see Flump snuggled against daddy in our bed.

I just can’t wait.

So please don’t keep me waiting too long Flump, I’m impatient to meet you.

36 Down

I’ve reached 36 weeks.
Only 4 weeks to go until Flump is due to arrive.
Of course this means Flump could come any time from right now all the way up until April 5th. (please sooner rather than later Flump!)

I’ve been cramping, having back ache and serious amounts of pressure against my pelvis since Tuesday, not to mention a few other disgusting things, all which according to the midwives signify my body is starting to change and prepare for labour.

All I am literally waiting for is my waters to break and my cervix to begin effacing and dilating. Which could happen in a few days or 2 weeks, but likely not much longer, although who actually knows these things. Babies arrive when they’re ready.

I had my final growth scan today, thankfully baby is growing along quite nicely and is average. Although his/her legs are short (like Mamas) and therefore it’s unlikely that baby has the running gene that the rest of the Masters clan seem to have.

Poor sonographer was having some issues measuring babies head as it was so very low into my pelvis (great sign!)

Flump is currently head down into my pelvis, back running up my right side, bum tucked under my right rib and legs and 1 hand tucked up under my left rib.

I’m thinking Flump may become a gymnast. It’s clearly no wonder I have a squirmy baby, because that position cannot be comfortable.

Also baby has chubby cheeks and those who know me know that I absolutely adore chubby baby cheeks.

Flump isn’t here yet and already I am absolutely unbelievable undone by his/her chubby cheeks.

What’s In a Name?

With just over 4 weeks to go, lots of people are asking us about Flumps name. Obviously we can’t call Flump, well, Flump. Although I suspect it’ll stick as a nickname.

Yes, we have names picked out.
No, we’re not telling you, you will have to wait until baby is born.

Firstly, I’ve come to know a LOT of pregnant women of late, and so many have shared their unborn babies name with friends and family, only to get back the following;

“Why would you call your baby that?!”
“I don’t like it”
“I prefer *insert another name*”
“I knew someone called that, they were a horrible person”

Which either gets the lady angry/upset/not liking the name she’s specifically thought long and hard about for her baby.

If someone decides to share their babies name with you and you don’t like it, then just keep your mouth shut. After all, it’s actually NOT your baby. Also, technically you don’t get a say in naming the baby.

Secondly, what if my baby is born and the names I’ve chosen don’t suit him/her? Not sharing gives me a chance to change the name without anyone knowing.

It really isn’t easy to select a name for another person. It’s a really big responsibility too! You need to make sure it fits, make sure it suits, make sure the kid won’t get picked on at school, make sure the initial don’t spell a rude word or something lame. It hard!

It took us a long time to pick our names.

My grandma told me she had a dream that we called the baby Jack Daniel Masters. I pointed out that there was no way I was calling my baby Jack Daniel, took her a few moments but she got it eventually.

My grandma recently told me how her and my grandad picked a name for my dad.
My grandma wanted to all him Bruce and my grandad didn’t, apparently he “didn’t like” Bruce.
So my grandma asked “what do you like then?” And the response was “I don’t know!”
My grandma, pretty fed up was reading the paper and she turned to the section with the horse racing and saw a horse running that day called Philip David and she sarcastically said to my grandad “there you go, call him Philip David then”
A few hours later, whilst feeding my dad, my grandad came in and gave her a slip of paper.
“What’s this?” she said to him.
“Birth certificate” he replied.
“How can you have a birth certificate when we’ve not got a name?”
Then she looked down at it.
My dad was named after a race horse.

No idea if it won or not though!

All Night Long

Last night I had the worst nights sleep. Between aching hips and constant bathroom trips I was awake for most of the night.

The result, this morning being very tired.

Normally after I wake I’m greeted with Flump stretching and rolling. Except this morning it wasn’t there. In fact I couldn’t remember any movement during my waking moments through the night.

It’s the worst feeling when your baby hasn’t moved, and with each attempt to get baby moving, that feeling gets worse.

The Husbands option involved asking Flump if he/she was “ok in there”. Nada.

Thankfully I have a Doppler, which Flump actually hates. Flump hates to be prodded when the midwife, GP and Consultant all check his/her heartbeat with the Doppler. The home Doppler is no difference. I’m pretty sure Flump thinks its the DEBBIL.

Within moments of prodding my bump with the Doppler, I find baby’s heartbeat and I’m immediately greeted with a massive thump where the Doppler is, followed by a great big lump appearing on my right side, as far from the Doppler as possible.

Kid is hilarious and now grumpy, with lots of grumpy movements. But I’m a happy mama, I know you’re ok now. So keep grumping away you silly baby. Mama loves you!

If you look on the right, that lump there, is grumpy Flump.