Silly Panda

As I’ve gotten older, I seem to have developed new allergies. It’s gotten worse since I’ve become a mother. Most likely down to change of hormones or some other scientific medical explanation.

It is frustrating when I develop a new allergy. Thankfully I haven’t developed anything in the last 18 months. 

My last allergy? Sanitary products. Yep. Unbelievable. Disposable sanitary products bring me out in horrible hives. Ever had a hives on your lady garden? Take it from me, it’s not pleasant. At all. AT ALL.

The idea of spending almost £5 a month, on torture items, is not appealing. Luxuries? Are you freaking kidding me Mr Osbourne? There’s nothing bloody luxurious about sanitary products, but, that’s another matter altogether.

Discovering cloth sanitary products was a life saver, both physically, mentally and in the long run, financially. CSP, are basically reusable sanitary products. Fairy Hammocks, cloth pads, vagina blankets, muff rugs, call them what you want, they’re pretty cool.

Disposable sanitary products are full of chemicals (don’t believe me? Sniff one! An unused one!) Some of them are scented…. Which baffles me. Your lady garden has a delicate Eco system, and destroying that Eco system leads to problems. Why would you want that? There’s lots of information on why disposable sanitary products aren’t good for you or the environment, and it’s well worth a read. 

Anyway, back to the point. CSP.

They’re natural, Eco-friendly, and cost effective. What’s not to like?

At first, I was concerned with the “yuckiness” of them. The idea of holding on to them, then washing them, was a bit repulsive. Also, when out and about, what do you do with them?! So many questions. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Besides, it’s only body fluid, yours to be precise, not that big of a deal really. It gets easier once you have a kid. Snot, wee, poo, vomit. What’s a bit of blood in the end? 

It was easy to move to CSP, especially after becoming a mother. Every other day I have to put a wash on, because kids are messy. So chucking any CSP in the wash isn’t a big deal. They’re not sitting around for a week before washing is done. They don’t smell. At all. If your vagina is emitting a bad smell or your discharge/menstrual blood is offensive smelling, then you should probably schedule a visit with your doctor. 

Out and about, you have a little wet bag. Store in the wet bag, till you get home. Before washing you can keep them in a separate bin, with cold water (never use hot water when dealing with blood), then wash, dry, reuse as required. 

I was asked to review some CSP from Silly Panda, a small business that makes and sells eco friendly products. Their main product is CSP. All stock on their website is ready to ship, and what you see is what you get.  

CSP, sit in your underpants and fasten with poppers. They’re fleece backed which stops them from slip sliding about, and causing leaks. They’re comfy, they’re natural, and they’re good for the environment.  They come in lots of different designs, sizes and absorbencies; from a light flow, to post-partum bleeding. 

This particular design is one of my favourites, from the moment I saw the fabric. Look at it. Stormy rainbows. Perfectly sums up a woman’s period!

The website is easy to use and Beckie is friendly and informative. The CSP arrived quickly too!

It is pretty, and comfy, and it washed really well. And at £7, it’s well worth the money in my opinion.

It can cost a small fortune upfront, depending on your needs, but in the long run its very cost effective. It’s also a pretty addictive habit. There’s so many different fabrics to choose from!

For more information, or to start your CSP journey, or to increase your stash, visit Silly Panda!

Thanks Silly Panda! 

*I was provided with the product to do an honest review. All words are my own.

Sure ✔️ Maximum!

After working with Sure on their Motionsense Compact Deodorant campaign, they sent me a new product to try. Sure contacted me about two new deodorants they have introduced to the market, the Maximum Protection Sport Strength and the Maximum Protection Stress Control. 

(Had to wrestle it off of Emma!) 

They sent me the Sport Strength deodorant to try at the end of August, and I’ve been using it since, and only finished it last week. Its a cream deodorant and you turn the bottom to push the cream up, to apply it to your underarms after your bath or shower and boom, up to 48hrs protection. 

I really liked it. It smelt nice, it felt nice, and it does indeed keep you feeling fresh for a long while. Well, with a claim of up to 48 hours protection, I had to try it out. You know, to cover all bases for an accurate review. Don’t judge me, I’m a parent to a demanding kid and I work full time, some days I don’t even get out of my pyjamas. Also gives me peace of mind, that I won’t be so much of a stinking slob when I’m sick and spend a week in bed.

Now, I’m not one for sports. At most, my “sports” consist of walking the mile to the station every morning, and the mile home in the evening (when I’m not being lazy and getting the bus) and running after Emma and shopping and then if I happen to be on my feet at work (which lately hasn’t been much!) 

“The NEW Sure Maximum Protection Sport Strength has a vibrant citrusy fragrance, and is specially formulated as the ultimate preparation tool to protect against sweat and odour during exercise.” So says Sure. They weren’t wrong either. I REALLY liked this deodorant.

The full range includes Stress Control, Sport Strength, Clean Scent, Confidence, Sensitive Dry and Everyday Fresh which Sure claim are:

🔹2x stronger than the leading antiperspirant

🔹Strong enough to protect you but still mild enough to use everyday

🔹Give you confidence to enjoy those moments that matte

Sure also say that their Maximum Protection is formulated with innovative TRIsolid™ technology that boasts:

🔹 Extra Strength dryness protection. Applied at night, it works as you sleep to form a level of protection, giving you unbeatable wetness protection for the day ahead. Equally, you can apply it as part of your morning routine

🔹Patented fragrance technology containing odour-fighting microcapsules. The microcapsules dissolve when you sweat, keeping you fresh throughout the day

🔹Skin moisturising ingredients to help protect the skin from irritation – the whole range has been endorsed by expert dermatologists

Would I buy this product? Yup!

Would I recommend this product? Yup!

There was only 1 thing that I didn’t really like, and that was that some of the product gets stuck in the top once it’s done. I thought I still had some left, but it turns out I didn’t; So I ran out and didn’t have to put on after my shower on Sunday morning! I’d clicked it as far as it could go, but a good 2-3 applications were wasted, as it was stuck; and nothing I could do could get it out. Perhaps a design flaw? Probably just Physics though. That said, that’s to 48hr protection, I was covered until I got to the shops to restock!

This time I purchased the Stress Control one, and I like it as much as the Sport Control. The entire range retails at £4.90 rrp and can be purchased at leading chemists and supermarkets.

(The product was given to me to review by Sure. All words unless otherwise indicated are my own and solely my own opinion)

My pits and I thank you Sure!


When Sure contacted me, asking me if I wanted to review their Motionsense™ technology deodorant, of course I said yes. I had a great opportunity to test it out, thanks to moving house.

We moved house and everyone knows that moving house is stressful and mostly involves dirt, dust and heavy lifting.The last two times we’ve moved, we’ve moved to top floor apartments in a 3 storey building, and NO lifts. Thankfully this time it is a ground floor (YAY!) apartment, but heavy lifting was still involved. Thankfully it wasn’t too hot, not that it mattered, as it was still hard work and made everyone very sweaty. By the end of the move, whilst I was sweaty, I still smell fresh. BONUS.

Lets talk about how it works.

 Sure has created the world’s first antiperspirant containing breakthrough Motionsense™ technology that is activated directly by movement. 

Motionsense™ technology means that Sure contains microcapsules that burst with friction so the more you move, the more it protects. Which is pretty cool.

So after you’re all clean and dry from the shower, you spray under your arms. You don’t want to do this too close to your skin as the concentrated application becomes very powdery; similarly you don’t want to spray it from too far away, otherwise you’re just wasting it and effectively using it as an air freshener!

The spray contains tiny microcapsules which sit on your skin (cause that’s where you sprayed it!) and as you move, the friction created (think swinging arms, lifting things etc) causes the tiny microcapsules burst, and once that happens you’re all fresh again (and smelling nice too)

It comes in regular size canisters and compressed compact sized canisters. The compressed packaging now means that Sure is the perfect size to fit in your handbag and due to the compressed nature of the can, it means that you get the same amount of product but less air is released when you spray it.

Sure sent me the compact size, which is indeed handy for my handbag. That said, I can never find anything in my handbag, without first emptying it all out (#firstworldproblems), so I really would benefit from a clever device that could help me find things easier. My suggestion to Sure is to add a florescent strip or similar to the compact canisters, to help women with big handbags find their Sure deodorant quickly. Or, if we’re being technologically savvy, fitting each canister with a small LED light, and transmitter, and having an app so you can activate the LED to flash using a simple button on your smart phone. Or I could just get a smaller handbag and be a little more organised and a little less pack rat. I should probably throw away the months or receipts too.

So Sure sent me a small compressed canister of their deodorant and I used it.  

Usually I do a job that can be quite physical, lots of walking, and in the summer it is HOT, especially working on trains that sometimes don’t have air conditioning. 

To be fair, the winter can be just as harsh, as you’re constantly going from the freezing cold, into very warm trains. You have to dress for the cold, and its not practical to take off all your warm clothes each time you board a train, so you get hot and sweaty quite quickly. So far, Sure Motionsense™ deodorant holds up its end of the bargain, it’ll be interesting to see how it works over the winter months.

Sure compressed has been developed to be softer on your skin, whilst will still providing you with the same level of sweat protection no matter what you do.

What I liked

~ its small and easy to carry round

~ it does what it says on the tin!

~ it smells nice

What I didn’t like

~ spraying too close causes my armpit to look like a winter wonderland

~ my handbag is full of crap and it takes ages to find (my own fault!)

~ its quite an intense scent when sprayed in a small area (ventilation is your friend!)

~ it doesn’t taste very nice (keep your mouth closed when using it)
Will I buy this in future?

Probably. In fact, very likely. 

Would I recommend this to others?

Sure! (See what I did there?) 

Massive thanks to Sure for sending me the product to review.  You can purchase Sure Motionsense™ at most chemists and supermarkets.

*the product was provided by Sure. All words and opinions are my own.

Race For Life, because, Fuck You Cancer

In November 2012, whilst pregnant with Emma (Flump at the time) I got a call from my aunt saying that my grandfather had been admitted to hospital. They thought he was having a stroke. I left work, went straight to the hospital and straight into resus, to find my grandmother very distressed and my grandfather in a pretty bad way. He was admitted that evening.

For a week I travelled to and from my home in Feltham to the hospital in Woolwich, via my job in London. 6 months pregnant, it was exhausting and stressful and distressing. Eventually my doctor signed me off and demanded I rest.

You see, my grandfather had been diagnosed with prostate cancer a fair number of years beforehand. He delayed treatment (for reasons that still make me seethe in anger, silly gold digging fake wife) and it spread to his bones; a further diagnosis of secondary bone cancer. He started treatment, and it was all going well. Then it wasn’t. Then the hospital admission.
Scans showed that he hadn’t had a stroke, but the Cancer had spread into his skull and was putting pressure on to his brain, which is why his symptoms were similar to a stroke. His liver was enlarged and the doctors couldn’t do anything else. They made him as comfortable as they could. There was talk of a hospice, however, they then decided that it wasn’t the best option. Just after midday on November 25th 2012, my grandfather passed away.

In the few days before he died, I sat at the hospital with him, with my aunt, cousins, siblings, grandmother and his carer. I only ever left to get sleep, shower and food.

On the day he died, my aunt had said that she was going home to make her youngest son some lunch, her exact words were “I’ll be back later dad, I’ve got a pork chop to cook for Jaades lunch”
I don’t think my grandfather was impressed. Within a few minutes later his breathing changed. His blood pressure dropped, his heart rate slowed. The nurse checked him over and asked if we needed the priest called.

The priest came, gave my grandfather his last rites, and prayed for him.

I sat next to him as he took his final breath.

He was surrounded by family.

He was 73.


That was the first time Id ever sat with someone as they died.

I was sad. I was upset. I was angry. Raging in fact. Cancer. Hideous disease.

2 years later (practically) I found myself in the same situation.

I remember the day clearly. We’d gone to the pub to celebrate my husbands birthday in 2011. In she came, very matter of fact, “I might have Cancer”
And we were all, “………”

Treatment started, it was going well. Then it wasn’t. They moved on to the next treatment. I lost count of how many treatments she had. They moved to experimental treatments and she joked that she was probably worth a lot of money now, due to the amount of platinum (I think?) that was probably in her body.

We discovered we were having a baby, and there was talk of stem cell treatment. Id recently lost my grand father. I looked into cord banking, but only a few hospitals do it. I offered up mine/Flumps cord stem cells.

I lost count of how many times she was in hospital, how many times we wanted to visit but it wasn’t a good idea as she was in isolation due to being immunocompromised.

Sadly nothing worked, and each set of treatment failed.

She was due to celebrate her 30th birthday. However she was in hospital. So we went to visit her.

My mum looked after Emma. Daniel met me in London. We got burritos for lunch. Then jumped on the Tube to the hospital.

She was in the ICU, on a ventilator. She’d been moved into a private room since we’d last saw her. It was her birthday. There were party hats and cards on the wall.

There were a lot of machines.

About 4pm, the doctors wanted to speak to her mother and husband. We were about to leave, but as they came out her mother was very distressed. There wasn’t anything else they could do.
Immediately I was transported back in time, 2 years previously.

My husband and I set about to call friends. Handholding, fetching drinks.

Visiting numbers to the room were relaxed, as were visiting hours.

Friends arrived. Family arrived.

Her dad arrived. He drove from the North, getting there in 4 hours. In laws arrived, driving 2 hours from the South.

We talked to her, held her hand, joked with her and each other. Her vitals improved when people spoke to her, when they touched her. She occasionally opened her eyes. She knew we were there.

We said our goodbyes, and on her 30th birthday she passed away. From Cancer.

I remembered how much I despised this disease. My friend was now a widower. At 30. It was unfair. They’d been married less than a year.


I think about her and my grandfather every day. Every. Single. Day.

They are why I’m doing Race For Life this year. If I can raise just a small amount of money which will go towards Cancer research, so that, hopefully, one day, this awful disease will be treatable, and people won’t lose their loved ones to it, then why not. Why the hell not.

I’ll admit it’s not something I was going to do, but then they got in touch with me as a blogger and I wasn’t sure still. I definitely wasn’t running it. I don’t DO running. But I can walk it.

So this summer, I’m doing the Race For Life. With Emma. A 5k walk.
We will be wearing matching tutus, that I’m going to make using the colours of the Cancer awareness ribbons for the types of Cancer that my grandfather and friend had.

So over the next few months, I’ll be sharing more information about Race for Life, as well as tutorials for making the tutus, and posting the details for my fundraising page. Plus there will be other stuff, offers for those wanting to take part and I’ll be sharing on my Facebook page and Twitter account.

Thank you Race for Life for asking me to work with you. I’m looking forward to it.

Best start getting prepared!


Last summer I was approached by Stamptastic and asked if I wanted to review their stamps.


It’s taken me a while to find something I wanted to stamp, mainly because I got a stamp with Emma’s name on it, and well, everything I considered stamping was something that eventually wouldn’t be hers anymore!

But then I had a genius idea. I would use MY stamp to hallmark (is that the right word?) my homemade cards! Which I have to make now.

So I got out the 2 stamps that Stamptastic sent me, and the ink pad, and got experimenting. Its made me want to stamp EVERYTHING.


The stamps themselves are rectangular perspex blocks, with the rubber stamp at one end. Quite handy that they’re perspex cause it means that when you are stamping something, it’s very easy to see where on the surface you are stamping. No worries about it coming up wonky! They start from £8, and you can have a childs name, an address, a telephone number, and you can even contact Stamptastic direct for bespoke designs, which will cost you more money.

The primary purpose of these stamps (they’re not your average crafting stamps) is to label belongings. School equipment, notepads, electronics, and the like. So, you will only get a specialised ink pad in black ink (costing £10), which is designed not to wash out of items like school uniforms. However on non-fabric materials, the ink can be removed with a cleaning product and cloth.

The stamps and inks are suitable for most surfaces, ideally paper and fabric, but will also work on leather, plastics, wood and metal.


So I started off just stamping a bit of paper, to see what it came out like and to get the feel of the stamp. I now want to stamp loads of stuff (but will refrain).

As I said previously, there really isn’t anything of Emma’s suitable for stamping just yet. Her clothing, will eventually go to charity and belong to someone elses baby. Same with some of her toys. Other stuff, will be passed down to a sibling (if that ever happens), so it was quite tricky to find something to stamp. BUT, I did find something.


Yep. I stamped her baby wipes and diaper rash cream!

After allowing the ink to dry, I swiped my finger over it and no smudging. The name was clear as day.  It didn’t print too well on the cream, but then it’s not a new tube, so it’s got lots of indentations which I think make it tricky to stamp properly.

I printed on the wipes, and the plastic bag my stamps came in, and then I couldn’t find anything else legitimate to stamp. I spent ages looking for stuff to stamp too. I was a little disappointed!

In a nutshell? I love these stamps. I’d love to buy a load more, but I would need to sit and think carefully as to what I wanted on them. I am known to be a bit frivolous when it comes to such things, and therefore it could be deemed (by The Husband) to be a waste of money. (seriously, i’d buy a stamp that said “YUM” and stamp random food stuff in the supermarket for fun).

Having recently got back into card making, these stamps would be a fantastic addition to my craft range. It is so much easier to use a stamp attached to a perspex block, than say a wooden one.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I have had to scrap a card, because I’ve misaligned a stamp.  The one thing I would say, is that I would like to see the ink pads come in a range of colours. Whilst I understand that these stamps are in the market for labeling items, I think crafters would love and buy this product, but the lack of coloured inks is a bit of a set back. It also seems to make more sense just to buy everything you need in the same place, rather than having to buy from several different stores and having to pay several lots of postage and packing! Besides, Stamptastic P&P is free to the UK Mainland!

Would I spend my cold hard cash on this product?

Would I recommend it to other parents and crafters?

Do I think you should head over to Stamptastic and place an order?

I now need to go and have a long hard think about what I want, and wish for some pennies for my upcoming birthday, so I can go and buy some stamping goodies!

*This review is based on my own opinion, thoughts and experience. In return for this review, I was gifted, an inkpad and 2 stamps bearing names of my choice. Thank you Stamptastic!*

The Baby Show

Thanks to Inspire Me Media, I got chance to visit The Baby Show at the Excel Exhibition Centre in London’s Docklands.

When I was pregnant with Emma, I kept telling The Husband that we had to go, but we never did. So when I got a press pass for a PR event that included a ticket to The Baby Show, I jumped at the chance. The Husband on the other hand was like “do not spend loads of money, maybe I should hold on to your credit card”. He was probably right!

There was a LOT of baby stuff and loads of big brands, Mothercare, Cosatto, Tommee Tippee, Joie, Asda, Milton, Britax, Chicco, iCandy, plus loads of cute independent retailers. It was a parent and baby dream. I could have spent thousands if not more.

The layout was a little confusing and I found myself walking around in circles and often walking past the same area several times whilst consulting my map and trying to find where I was. Give me google maps and I’m good. Anything else, forget it.

I saw a lot of things that I really wanted to buy, but lack of need and space, and most importantly money to spend frivolously meant that I couldn’t.

Like this Claw Foot Baby Bath Tub

Super cool, but at £200, it’s definitely a frivolous spend.
Wouldn’t it be totally awesome to have not only a cool Montessori baby nursery with a walk in closet and separate bathroom for your wee babe? Sadly I’m not made of money! Wishful thinking eh?

Then there was these.

SUPER-AWESOME! Not a new thing to me, as apparently they’re quite common in nurseries and day cares, but still. COT BUNK BEDS! Again a frivolous spend, seeing as I only have the one child and by the time I have a second, the first should be in a toddler bed!

There were a lot of prams/pushchairs/buggies/contraptions you push kids around in.


There were even a few sling and carrier companies there. As well as retailers that specialise in Babywearing, like Slumber-Roo.
I was a little disappointed in the selection of companies in general. I wanted to buy a ring sling, but I only saw one by ByKay at the Cheeky Rascals stand.
That’s where I met Emily who runs the South London Sling Library.
I finally settled on a Beco Soleil from Slumber-Roo to add to my collection.
That said I still want a ring sling!

I could buy all the wraps and carriers. The Husband has said no however!

The Baby Show also piqued my interest in Cloth Nappies. Definitely a consideration for my next baby.

There were lots of nursery ideas.


There were also lots and lots of stalls with hand made baby gifts and trinkets.


I also got to meet David from Snugglebundl (if you’ve seen Dragons Den then you’ll know who I mean)!
He was absolutely lovely, and the product itself is genius! Definitely a fore-runner in the ideas for a gift for my sisters baby that’s due this September.


Overall I had a great time.

The Baby Show is next at the NEC Birmingham on May 16th-18th and then at Kensington Olympia on October 24th-26th.

You can buy advance tickets online from £10.50

If you’re a soon to be parent, a parent of babies/toddlers, an aunt/uncle/grandparent, then I recommend a visit!

Thank you Inspire Me Media for the press pass.

*I was gifted a press pass as part of a PR launch.

Tommee Tippee Soothers

On Friday, I was lucky enough to be invited to The Baby Show on behalf of Inspire Me Media for a Silent Launch of Tommee Tippees new range of baby soothers.

Emma started off with a soother (dummy/pacifier) and then one day she just refused it. For about 4 months she just would not take it. Of course this was after she lost them all, and I purchased about 8 of them, and then found all the lost ones (behind the cot!)

Thanks to Inspire Me Media, I added 2 more brand new soothers to Emma’s collection. I opened the pack, and Emma looked at her two new additions, threw one on the floor and promptly stuffed the other one in her mouth.

The new soothers were designed after listening to what mums and dads had to say on the subject.

* 1 in 3 mums struggle to choose when looking for soothers and often end up buying impulsively
* choosing the right soother is trial and error, babies often go through several types/brands before finding one they like
(it’s not like you can take them back to be refunded!)

With this in mind, Tommee Tippee came up with a new range of soothers, with new packaging and a teat that is more in line with that of a bottle teat; large, long and flat so that it’s easier for baby to hold in their mouth.

Research trials showed that 68% of babies accepted the new style soother the first time it was introduced, as opposed to 43% for the old style soothers.

Emma has 4 different types of soothers in her collection. Last count (Friday) that’s a total of 13. THIRTEEN!

As she’s teething, I suppose having so many of them isn’t a bad thing. She chews them for relief! Happy baby is a happy mama!

The new range of soothers comes in 4 ranges; Fun, Anytime, Night Time and Air and are available Nationwide at Tesco, Asda and Mothercare. They cost £4.79 per twin pack.

** In return for this post I was gifted a press pass for The Baby Show as well as a PR pack containing 2 Tommee Tippee Night Time soothers


A few months ago, a twitter follower tweeted that she’d gone to a well known salon to get her hair dyed and ended up hating it.
So I recommended that next time she uses one of my favourite Salons. And I tweeted her and included them in my response. It made sense because every so often they have a 50% off colour sale.
Their (my salons) response? Was to send me (and her) a 50% off voucher for a cut and style. So off I went to Headmasters in Twickenham for a cut and style with Rachael.


I’ve been going to Headmasters Salons since I was 18 years old. That’s 11 years. At least I think I was 18. I may have been 19. Either way, it’s been a very long time and I have never ever been disappointed in any of the salons I’ve visited. Except when they stopped serving wine as a refreshment due to licensing laws. That was a little sad.

Sadly for me (and my hair) I don’t go as often as I should. You should go every 6-8 weeks, but as if I have time (or the money)!

Before Emma it was just laziness, and money, but mainly laziness. I’d go 12-13 months between hair cuts.
Now, with Emma, this is my first hair cut since she’s been born.
I had it cut just before she was born, so I guess right now it’s not too bad. Considering how long I normally leave it.


The staff are so friendly and despite the noise of driers and chatting stylists, the atmosphere is peaceful. Especially when you get magazines and coffee!


After having a chat about what I wanted done, it was off to be shampooed! Which is the best part of the hairdressers in my opinion. There is nothing more relaxing then having someone else wash your hair and give you a head massage.

Sadly I didn’t catch the name of the young guy shampooing my hair, but he was fabulous, very chatty and incredibly lovely. If I was rich I’d steal him away from Headmasters to be my personal hair washer!


I didn’t even notice the time as my stylist snipped away at my locks. Like all the other staff at Headmasters, she was very friendly and down to earth. I seriously don’t know how hairdressers manage to hold a full conversation and cut someone’s hair, because I couldn’t do it. I’m pretty sure if I tried to I’d have an unhappy client with wonky hair.

In the end, my locks were shorter, lighter and definitely a lot healthier.

I have never had a cut that I didn’t love from Headmasters.


If you’ve never been to Headmasters, then I highly recommend going. In fact, I have 3 recommend a friend cards sitting in my purse. If you’d like to experience Headmasters and get 50% off your first appointment for a cut and blow dry, then drop me a comment and I will send you a card. (Yes I’m being cheeky, because I also get 50% off my next appointment for recommending a friend!)

You can visit their website to find a salon near you.

Thank you to the PR team for the 50% off voucher. I thoroughly enjoyed using it!

* this review post was not paid or sponsored, rather just me blogging about I brand I love. Headmasters did however give me a 50% off voucher for recommending them to one of my twitter followers, which I used today and saved £28.50, my bank and I are thankful.

Pretty Bras For Pregnant Ladies (and non-pregnant ones too)

I’m pregnant. I have boobs. I want a bra that not only fits and is comfortable but is also pretty and makes me feel like a woman, as opposed to a human incubator.

I recently wrote about how difficult it is to find and buy nice, supportive, comfortable and inexpensive bras, in fact I’ve written on this subject more than once, but recently I wrote about it again and the fact that when pregnant it gets even harder and more frustrating. I eventually found somewhere and I’m in the process of trying them out (stay tuned).

A few days after that post I was approached by Best British Bloggers on behalf of Panache Lingerie, looking for bloggers to review a few of their new Winter lingerie sets. A series of smoking hot bras, on equally smoking hot models. Me, a 7 month pregnant blogger, reviewing sexy lingerie for Panache? Don’t mind if I do.

The Cleo Natasha is a really pretty purple and navy camouflage style under-wire bra, and starts from a D cup (sorry lucky ladies with small pert boobies!) and go up to a J cup (some go up to K cup).  I opted for a HH cup taking into account my ever expanding boobs, apparently incubating small humans means growth not just in the tummy area, but also, thighs, ass and boobs!

Cleo Natasha close up

I put the bra on and it was comfy. It didn’t dig in or feel awkward and my boobs actually fit in the cups. The straps were wide enough to support the hefty weight of my bosoms, but not too wide that it looked un-sexy and best of all they didn’t sink into my shoulders and cause them to look like rivers of bra strap running through two mountains, because lets face it, that look? it’s not sexy at all.  It fit just right in the back and didn’t ride up (which is a sign that you’re not wearing the correct sized bra), instead it felt comfortable.  The only thing I didn’t like was the label, as it felt scratchy across my skin, but that’s easy enough remedied with a sharp pair of scissors.

The bra itself was a little big in the cups, but that’s OK because I’m expecting to expand a little anyway, so come 2 months down the line it will fill in nicely.  The under-wire doesn’t dig like you’d normally expect it to and over-all it was very comfortable to wear and it felt supportive.

Over-all it met all of my criteria. It was comfortable, supportive and nice looking and best of all it was affordable* and when I’m less pregnant and my boobs are a stable size again I’m definitely going to treat myself to a few more in this range.

Thumbs Up from Me.

For more information about their new range, please visit Panache’s website.

The Cleo range of lingerie by Panache can be purchased online or in stores across the world and to find an online retailer or shop that will be stocking this range, you can visit

*this bra was gifted to me by Panache for this review via the kind people at Best British Bloggers