an update

So I haven’t blogged in a while. about a week or so I guess. At the moment I’m sitting/laying in bed, watching Ella Enchanted, with very swollen painful glands. My gums are swollen too, which leads me to believe I have contracted yet another infection. oh yay.

I got my order form for the Witchfest Yule Ball today. I don’t think Daniel will want to go, so I think I might give it a miss. Maybe next year. maybe.

so what’s new with me?

On Wednesday Daniel took Sophie and I to see the Lion King in the West End. It was really really good. I totally enjoyed myself. We met in Starbucks on the Strand, and the blond woman who served me was awful. She spoke hardly any English, and I had to explain to her that my panini was meant to go on the grill before being served. Silly lady.

Thursdays – I can’t really remember what I did.
Friday – Daniel came round to my house for the first time. I was really nervous. My mum cooked us dinner (not people pie to Daniel’s relief…) We spent Friday evening watching tv and what not. And then I basically played good host for Saturday. Normally when I’m at Daniel’s house, he’s waits on me hand and foot, so now it was my turn. 🙂
We watched Rose Red (well the first half). It’s a great film. Shit scary, but really good.

Sunday we went to Daniels, and went to GBK. It was ok. I must say I prefer Ultimate Burger. At GBK they put herbs and crap in the garlic mayo – they had lemon grass in it. not so nice. the chili mayo was yum yum yum though.

I started to watch Schindlers list yesterday evening, but Daniel was doing Uni work and missed the first bit, so I stopped watching it. Daniel wants to see it, so I think I may buy it. 🙂

Today it was back to work. feels like it should be Tuesday, but it’s not. a bit odd.

I’m going to start my world domination game with Daniel now.

over and out.

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