At the moment, I’m laying in bed, feeling sorry for myself and feeling oh so shit.
My gums are still swollen, and my lymph nodes are swollen and painful.
I nearly passed out on the train into work this morning, so when I got to Charing Cross, I walked to Soho and saw a nurse at the Walkin Centre.
Aparantly my lymph nodes are acting up because of an infection in my body. My tonsils are fine, my chest is fine, everywhere else is fine, except my gum. Which is still a bit swollen. The nurse has put me on a 7 day course of antibiotics. (argh) and I have to see a dentist now, as she suspects that it is an abscess. oh joy!

I have dentist on Friday, so we’ll see then i suppose. I guess they’ll have to take x-rays and that should be fun, seeing as I have a tiny mouth, and last time i had xrays done, it was a challenge even using the kiddies xray films.

I don’t even know what kind of treatment I’ll need if it’s an abscess.
I’m thinking I might stick Pride and Prejudice in teh DVD player and sink under the duvet.

over and out.

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