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So an update – seeing as I’ve again fallen into the trap of not blogging. yet again.
It’s coming up to Christmas, and I think everything is now finished. I think.

Presents – check.
Cards sorted – check.
Christmassy food – check.
Wrapping done – almost – 4 to go.
guess all is well.

I went on a waste tasting experience with some of the girls yesterday. It was excellent.
Tried a few nice champagnes, and red wines – not a fan of white wine to be honest.
Towards the end, we were all a bit worse for wear….laughing and what not. We did go through 12 different wines, 2 champagnes and a bombay saphire cocktail. now I know why I don’t drink gin – fucking disgusting stuff.

Anyhoo – to soak up some of the alcohol, we ventured into Nando’s next to the Vinopolis, and had yummy food, then I caught my train back to Whitton to see Daniel.

Today, Daniel has introduced me to World of Warcraft – which I ashamedly admit to becoming addicted to. I think I shall have to purchase it, however if I do that, I know that I will never get anything done. So I think I might just play on Daniel’s account, until I get bored of it.

Otherwise, not much to do. Still reading the Amber Spyglass, the 3rd in the series of Philip Pullman novels. I’m just about a third of the way in. It’s quite good, although the Subtle Knife so far is my favourite.

Back to work tomorrow – Christmas Eve – oh the joy!
Then Chirstmas day, where I shall begin the cooking, and drinking before my lovely daddy drives me to Daniel’s house to continue the Christmas festivities.

oh and it was Yule on Friday/Saturday – and I did nothing to celebrate – I feel a bit crap about that, so I think I shall have to do something on Monday evening.

righty oh – over and out.

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