Christmas time! Mistletoe and Champagne!

Well – Merry Christmas every one!

It’s Christmas day, and so far I am having a blast – despite the whole starting off annoying with the family in the kitchen. hmpfh!

anyways – Santa bought me some lovely stuff, by way of mum and dad.

Got some perfume, gift sets of my favouritest ever bodystuff (DOVE).
Also got a book on crime investigation and forensics, which is so fabbity fab!

Still have Daniel’s presents to go, I am WELL excited.

I’ve drunk 2/3rds of a bottle of really nice champagne. Still got to have a bath and wash my hair before my dad drives me over to Whitton – must be careful I don’t drown (in the bath, not on the way to Whitton….)

Also got some perfume and some money, so overall have got some excellent presents. 🙂

Can’t wait for Daniel to open his. very excited!

Christmas dinner was a success. Lovely yummy roast beef, and turkey and roasted pork, with stuffing, and vegetables. oh so yummy! yorkshire puds with a red wine and mustard gravy. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

but not christmas pudding – euch!

right – back to the champers!

Merry Christmas!

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