get back to work! bah humbug!

Well Christmas is officially over, and I’m back to work.

It was an overall success I think. got some really lovely presents.

Daniel got me pj’s, but not just any pj’s, spongebob pj’s!!! they’re excellent. i love them.
Also got a really cool starbucks thermos, which is very cool. A new book, which is the 4th in the series I am reading, halfway done, so that’s cool.
And my best present of all, a photo album – with pictures already in it. I love it so much.
There’s pictures of our first date, places we’ve been too, things he’s done. It’s so thoughtful.
I plan to fill it with loads of other photo’s. Maybe even decorate it – turn it into a scrapbook of sorts.

right- well I guess it’s back to work.
Have loads on my mind at the moment – but not really in the mood to write it all down….it’s all depressing – and I’d rather keep myself in a decent mood.

anyhoos – over and out.

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