The Wheel Turns Another Notch

Yesterday was Lugnasadh or Lammas, the first Harvest of the year. Traditionally when the wheat crop was harvested from the fields and the first loads of bread were made. Fruit are ripening on trees and ready to start being picked. Seeds are beginning to drop so that we can sow future crops for the coming year.

Already we can see the wheel turning each morning, the sun takes a little longer to rise and a little quicker to set than it did at the Summer Solstice in June.

The wheel of life turns a little more each day that passes. Winter is fast approaching.

I’m thankful for my life, family and friends as well as new opportunities. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that as Lammas passes I am starting the foundations of something new and interesting that could grow into something incredibly rewarding and fruitful (no, I’m not expecting) and for this reason I am excited and thankful and happy.

Hope you all had a blessed Lugnasadh, with love and light.

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