Random Facts on a Monday Morn

A random tidbit for you on this grey Monday morning.
When I’m travelling I often make a point of seeking out any CCTV cameras and ensuring that I look directly at each one for at least 5 or 6 seconds.
Well it’s simple and a bit morose I suppose.
You know those news stories of people who are travelling home from work/nights out and they just don’t get there? Then shortly (or sometimes never) they turn up? Just, well, dead?

Well that’s why. If you watch the reports on the tv you never see the person look at the CCTV camera. If I look at the camera of every place I travel through and I go missing, then there’s 100% chance that they’ll know it’s me on the CCTV. Easy to trace last steps. Perhaps easier to locate me/my body.

Mind you, got forbid someone try to abduct me, cause I’d rip their eyes out. But it’s ok, cause it’s self defence right?

So yeah, Happy Monday y’all!

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