Richard I will not have you turning that colour in front of Mrs Lennox!!

I am rather fed up today.
fed up of being sick.
fed up of being bored.
fed up of pretty much everything.

i think I might take my SLR for an outing soon, will have to wait until the weather improves a bit and I also have to go and get some film. really want to upgrade to a digital SLR, sadly the one I want is more than £700 and I don’t have the kind of money right now. well not to spend on a camera anyways.

perhaps I need some get up and drive. I could catalouge my books. but it’s a daunting idea of trying to get well over 500 books catalouged. If I was rich I could hire an assistant.

now that would be cool.
I could hire an assistant to catalouge my dvd’s and books. bring me lunch at work. do dry cleaning. do research on books I would like to read, then go and buy them!

I was thinking of writing but I still have writers block. perhaps I should try writing a kiddies book or something. gah. the cogs have become blocked with a load of drivel.

right, guess I’d better find something constructive to do.

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