How to burn bridges and alienate bloggers

I am 27. The content on this blog consists of my own experiences, my own words and my own work. Occasionally I will post a cartoon, or photo, that clearly I did not draw (because I can’t even draw stick men….) or take, but I follow the rules. I link back where possible and I ask for permission.

I don’t have a huge following. I am not an expert writer, or expert blogger, hell I’m not even a professional blogger. I blog for shits and giggles (please, seriously, don’t send me any shits, I am however happy to accept giggles, unless giggles is some strange weird euphemism for some sort of sex position/game, then thanks, but no thanks).

I am not an activist (normally), I am not a humourist (generally), I’m just a “regular” “normal” 27-year-old woman (28 in 11 days time) living in London (check the about me section).

Today the blogosphere exploded on Twitter.

Why? Plagiarism.

You can read about it here.

If you’re too lazy to click the link and read, then basically the gist of it is this headline from BethAvant over at “Babble Blogger Kristin Ruiz Outed for Plagiarizing Amalah’s Posts”. Kristin Ruiz of Our Ordinary Life was found to have plagiarised posts from Amy over at The resulting action? Bloggers from across the USA, Canada and Europe hit the roof.

Lifting content from somewhere else is a BIG no no. Unless you have permission from the blogger (preferably written permission) and you state your source or link back to the ORIGINAL post, then DO NOT remove any content from another bloggers site, no exceptions, no excuses.

It seems that Kristin stated that she didn’t mean to do anything wrong and kept stating that she was young, only 27 years old.

I am 27 years old. I can’t understand how someone who is 27 years old doesn’t understand that taking someone elses work and passing it off as your own is wrong.

When you start school and you’re given homework and tests and what not, you are told not to copy others work. When you do exams in Middle School or High School if you get caught copying someone elses answers then you FAIL. We are taught from a young age that copying someone elses work is NOT ok. When you go to college or university your essays are scrutinised to ensure you have not plagiarised them. Time and time again, whilst growing up, it was drummed into me that you don’t copy someone elses work. Copying was wrong. I cannot understand how someone who is the same age as me doesn’t understand this concept. I know that school systems across the world are different, but COME ON, they can’t be that different when it comes to stuff like this.

BethAvant from gives a few suggestions, which you can read in her post which is linked above. Make a point of reading her suggestions, they will be invaluable to you as a blogger.

Take heed people. If you want to be taken seriously as a blogger, or get paid to blog, then follow the rules. Work hard and earn respect by creating your own content, using your own words and try not to piss off the entire blogosphere. Once you piss off the blogosphere then you’re done. Do not pass GO, do not collect your £200.

Always think before hitting that “Publish” button and be prepared to admit you’re wrong and apologise when you are in fact, wrong.

Your actions will have consequences, don’t forget that.

9 thoughts on “How to burn bridges and alienate bloggers”

  1. Hey Miss B I understand that someone may be upset over having another person take credit for something they wrote or “blogged” but seriously. If you are a paid blogger or care so much about your words being stolen then the simple solution is to block/lock/protect your site so no one can copy and paste what is written there and use it as their own. Believe me no one is going to type an entire blog page or paragraph from a blog site and re-post it. A sentence or two maybe but not an entire page or site. I too always put references on my page from where I obtained my information but have ran into situations where I could not copy it due to protection on the page. Other serious bloggers have it in the main page in bold letters that nothing can be copied. Blogging started out to be a social thing for fun and if it is a business it should be treated as such by the blog owner.
    love you and early happy birthday <3

  2. Kristin and her husband have done everything BUT take full responsibility for the plagiarism. And it’s not the first time she’s done it, just the first time she got caught in such a public way. Now they are claiming they are being victimized by those outraged over her literary theft and being bullied. I have personally seen the two of them bully other bloggers and brands to try and get their way.

    Those two are sick and need help — especially Del.

    And yes, we are told here in America from a young age that stealing is wrong, copying is wrong and you will fail if you do so. She has NO EXCUSE. She knows what’s she’s doing. She’s been blogging since 2006 — way long enough to learn the ropes. The fact that she’s been making a living from her blog just shows that she’s no dummy. I believe the term is ‘dumb like a fox’.

    As for the commenter who thinks that if you don’t disable copying of your blog you’re allowing theft? Give me a break! If you have things on your blog that you want to be copied such as a blog button code or instructions for adding something to your own blog, you cannot have that on your site. The copy disable function/code cannot be selectively used. It’s all or nothing.

    Bloggers write and expect others to respect and honor that their words are their property and should not be stolen. That’s a) common courtesy b) how good people act and c) something everyone knows already so why should we have to live like everyone is out to rob us blind?

    Wait, because of people like Kristin Lesney-Ruiz and commenter Darlene. Sorry. I had a momentary lapse and forgot that the vast majority of people are either stupid or evil. OOPS. <~~ That was sarcasm, by the way.

    1. Oh yes. She steals others’ content all the time. It’s her “schtick”. But the fact that she removed her apology post?? WOW. I said she was dumb like a fox, I wasn’t kidding. Se knows EXACTLY what she’s doing and, more importantly, what she did that caused the controversy in the first place.

      1. Well apparently many brands don’t care either. She has many current reviews & giveaways plus what looks like another ambassadorship for a major brand. Funny, that.

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