I can’t remember the last time I dyed my hair. Well, actually, it was yesterday, but before that I can’t remember when I last dyed my hair. It was a long time ago. More than 5 years I think.

Yesterday, whilst at the supermarket picking up some bits and pieces, I walked past the hair dye section. They had a sale on. (bargain right?!? *just say yes*)

I picked up some dye, not quite my natural colour and put it in my basket.

Later that evening I decided not to dye my hair just yet. But then my husband decided he needed a haircut, so I thought “why not”.

So just after 9pm I was sat with my hair covered in stinky, smelly, goopy dye.

30 minutes later I was attempting to rinse it out of my hair with my husband holding the shower head over my upside down head and me desperately trying to keep the dye-stained water out of my eyes.

My eyes are brown enough thank you very much.

I conditioned, I dried. I brushed.

I was surprised when it (my hair) came out with a reddish tinge. The dye was called cappuccino. Cappuccino my arse! Someone got at it with some red food colouring! But saying that it does look pretty ok.

Today, no one I worked with in my office noticed the change in my hair colour. It’s not a huge change but it is noticeable.

I went the whole day without any comments until 3pm when I had a meeting with a client (who I haven’t seen in about 6 weeks) and the second thing she said to me was “have you coloured your hair?” (the first thing was “hello”)

I wonder if anyone with notice the difference tomorrow?

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