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The best part of blogging for me isn’t page hits, or comments (although they are nice) but rather the community of bloggers that I interact with.  I interact with some fabulous bloggers on a day to day basis and they are from all kinds of backgrounds. From different countries, the USA, Canada, the UK, Switzerland, Hungary, Austrailia, you name it.

There are the “mom” bloggers, the “dad” bloggers, the “humourist” bloggers, the “political” bloggers but generally it’s just people who blog and most of them at some point on their own blog cover every single topic from parenting, sex and food to politics and current affairs and they are all fabulous.  I’m still finding my way, and there are always things to learn, ways to improve.

Every year for the past 3 years I have followed my favourite bloggers, reading their posts and tweets and facebook statuses about going to conferences, BlogHer, Blissdom, Mom 2.0, Dad 2.0, BlogHer Food, SheCon, Type-A Con, there are so many conferences! The one thing they all have in common?  It’s that they are in North America. Problematic for me, living in London and not being rich. The cost of attending just one of these conferences in my lifetime is pretty much next to nil. It’s just too costly for me to go, even with a sponsor, which is a WHOLE other story.

Then last week a UK blogger that I interact with posted a tweet about going to BritMumsLive. A conference for “mummy” bloggers in London. HOLY SHIT.  A CONFERENCE IN LONDON. Oh. Wait. it’s called BritMumsLive. I don’t have kids. I think to myself, “is it wierd to go to a conference for “mummy” bloggers when you’re not a “mummy”?

I really want to go to a conference, to hear people speak, to interact with other bloggers in person. Why?  Because there is so much I can learn and also, it’s interacting with the people I’ve built up an online rapport with over the last 5 years (mostly). I sent a message off to BritMumsLive asking if you had to be a “mummy” to attend and they said “no, all bloggers are welcome!” Cue my heart going pitty-patty with excitement. A Blogging Conference in my own city!!!

Whilst I’d love to go to BlogHer, the cost for me is phenomenal, compared to BritMumsLive (see approximate costings below).  So guess where I’m going next year?!?

BlogHer vs BritMumsLive
*hotel in London is optional


4 thoughts on “Blogging Conferences”

  1. Highly recommended from myself who attended as both a speaker and general attendee. I have to disagree with your hotel price though – there are much more reasonable prices to be found especially if you’re only staying one night which is what I did 🙂

    1. Well, I was looking at 2 nights stay, possibly 3 and wanted a hotel close by with breakfast. Expedia quoted that price. But I live in London so I don’t really have to stay in a hotel. Saying that, I LOVE staying in hotels. I could stay with Marriott and use husband discount, but closest one is either Southbank or St Pancras.

  2. I too have seen so many US conferences advertised and commented on and am so glad we have some in the UK now! And BritMums Live was so affordable, even on our tiny budget! We got to stay in the Hilton at Canary Wharf (not too bad a journey to get to the Brewery) for £50 per night plus £11 booking fee. We even got upgraded for free!!! I’ve never stayed in a Hilton before 🙂

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