I have so much to write about, unfortunately it’s the kind of stuff that isn’t ready to be made public yet! Simply because eyes have walls, or rather, walls have eyes (and ears!), and if I say something on here then eventually it’ll get back to those I’m not really to tell just yet. But as soon as I am in a position to say something, I will! It’s not that I don’t trust you dear readers, it’s just, well, I have to keep a lid on it. Hopefully not for much longer mind you, or at least I hope not!

It is so frustrating, but I guess I have to have patience. Although, as my husband can tell you I do not have much patience, for ANYTHING! So much that for the last 6 weeks I keep asking him if I can give him his birthday present, which I’ve done a stellar job of hiding (yeah, that WAS sarcasm). His birthday is 10 days away and I am itching to bust it out, thrust it into his lap and squeak like a 5 year old on Christmas day “open it! OPEN IT!” and to see his face.

I hate keeping secrets, because I can’t think of anything else to post about on Mrs Flams!!!

update on August 16th
So I can finally say why the secret was. I was waiting to hear back on an awesome new job, which I found out today that I was not successful. Oh well. Never mind.

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