Every night before I go to sleep, I take 5 minutes to think about the very tiny baby-to-be (that I’ve nicknamed Flump) growing in my womb.

I wonder if Flump is a boy or a girl.

I wonder if Flump will be a big baby or a small baby.

I wonder if Flump will have lots of hair, or hardly any hair.

It’s inevitable that Flump will have brown eyes, like his/her daddy and mama.

I wonder how his/her hands will look in mine. How his/her feet will kick off the tiny socks I put on.

I imagine all of these things and so much more, so much that I fall asleep dreaming of this wonderful little baby that soon will be all ours.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve fallen unconditionally in love with this tiny being before I’ve met him/her.



2 thoughts on “imagining”

    1. I’d love to know, but daniel doesn’t, and he won this time, so we’re waiting until the birth.
      Are you team pink or team blue?

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