operation spider

I am absolutely petrified of spiders, it’s not a rational fear, because lets face it, what exactly can it do to me, considering I could just end it’s life in a stomp, quite literally. Like most fears, this was a fear I learnt and I know exactly what triggered it. Watching a film.

My fear began when I was approximately 13 years old.  I’d decided to watch a film with my mothers step-brother who is 3 years older than me. His bright idea, not mine. Since that film I have been scared shitless of the little beasts.  Even writing this makes me quake in fear because I can picture the little bastards in my minds eye. *Shudder*

So yesterday evening, I was climbing up the stairs to my apartment, when I looked up (on the second flight of stairs) and there in front of me was a HUGE spider. I managed not to scream, scooted past it and ran up the last set of stairs into the apartment where I promptly garbled some nonsense to my husband that was supposed to sound like “there’s a huge spider on the wall outside, can you go and kill it?!”

Turns out that my husband couldn’t bring himself to kill it (I think it was because he too was scared of it) and instead he got the insect repellent and started spraying it.

At this point our next door neighbour came out of her apartment and my husband said there was a spider, she was brave enough to look and also exclaimed that it was huge and that she too was scared of spiders. Luckily some of her family were bringing her daughter home, and quickly came to the rescue by stomping on it and the two dogs with them made sure it was definitely gone.

Needless to say, it seems no one on the top floor of our building likes spiders, and instead we all acted like big girls blouses.



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