It’s Halloween next month and yesterday I received my first party invitation (not first party invitation ever, I’ve had loads!) but first invitation for this year.
Costumes are NOT optional.

So I need ideas. Costume ideas that I can grow into in. After all being pregnant means that anything I pick in the next 2 weeks probably won’t fit in the next 6 weeks. Do you even get costumes for pregnant women?

My plan was (lame) just to go as a pregnant lady, but the host said that wasn’t very imaginative.

The last time I went to a Halloween party in costume was a while ago. I went as a crazed surgeon, whilst my husband went as a lady zombie.


The time before that I was Alice from Resident Evil and the husband was Ash from the Evil Dead.


This year it’s somewhat more difficult.

So ideas that I’ve come up with are :

1) dress like a 16 year old, wear a sweet 16 badge and go as someone who is 16 & Pregnant

2) see if I can fit into any of my husbands clothes (doubtful) and go as him.

3) find a rag-style dress and be Cinders, up the duff from Prince Charming, who’s left her because she wasn’t really a princess.

4) steal borrow a hospital gown from the local hospital and go as a crazed mental health patient who believes she’s been impregnated by the devil himself

5) wear a blouse and skirt, thrown an apron on and go without shoes, stay in the kitchen all night and be the “pregnant little lady in the kitchen”

6) dress as a hooker and tell everyone one of my johns got me knocked up

These are all really crap ideas, but I’ve not got a clue on what to “be” for Halloween.

Suggestions are welcome!!

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