I’m sorry to say you have an addickshun

It’s been ages sinces I’ve seen one of my best friends, and we went out last night for “curry and a pint” and had a right old laugh catching up and what not.

She does make me laugh, and she’s probably the reason…in fact I KNOW she’s the reasons all my A* predicition grades when out the window and we only got A’s and B’s.

I remember this one time, we both joined ranks with these boys in our English class called David and Mark. We thought it’d be extremely funny to buy some superglue and stick money to the floor. We started off small, you know the odd 10p here and there and eventually we progressed up to pound coins. (I’m pretty sure we wasted at least 5 quid) It was hilarious (if a bit mean) watching all the 1st and 2nd years try to “discreetly” pick up the money in their variously styles… until one day we decided money wasn’t fun anymore (it does get boring watching the kids try to pick up money that’s stuck to the floor) so we glued a ruler to a desk. (which was oh so naughty but oh so funny) I think after that the novely wore off, so we stopped and did some other pranks, which involved body shop lipbalm but I won’t go into it…. Kerry knows.

anyways – we went out last night and caught up and I have decided she has an addiction, and she agrees. but it’s not a bad one (well not too bad!) so I suppose it’s ok. LOL.

Other than that didn’t really do much else.

p.s if you ever go to the hungry horse pub/restaurant DON’T have the chocolate brownies with icecream. ew!

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