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Today seems to be driving me up the wall.I think finally everything is catching up on me and finally breaking me down.I cannot wait until I go on Holiday on the 10th.I think it’ll be a break I really will need.And when I get back I only have to endure guests for another 2-3 days before I can get some peace and quiet again.

I’ve had no personal space since February. And going to Daniel’s at the weekends technically doesn’t count.To be honest I think the only time I’ve had to myself is when I’m in the bathroom, and there is only so many times you can hide out in the bathroom before someone starts to ask why you keep going in there.

Since February I’ve been sharing a room with my cousin from Cayman.She decided she wanted to come over here to live and join the army, what not.Now she’s decided to go back home on the 11th of June.

It’s really hard getting to grips with sharing my space with another girl.Before I used to be able to go home, put on my pj’s and laze around, do whatever I like, not have to speak to anyone etc.Now, although I can laze around, it’s different. And it’s slowly been driving me up the wall. And I’m afraid to say last night pushed me right over the edge.

I got in late, as I went out with Kerry, and mum was asking me where I went, how my evening was etc, and I said I’d been to see Sex and the City, and I got called a bitch for it.And yeah it may have been in jest, but sill.I’m entitled to go and watch a film with my best friend if I want to, and I shouldn’t have to be made to feel guilty for it.I decided that after quite a long evening, I needed some sleep and she was watching a programme called Caribbean Cops (like Cops, but in the Caribbean) and one of the British tourists was being interviewed and her comment was that the Caribbean was much better than boring old London, to which my cousin exclaimed “hear hear that’s right”

And that really ticked me off.If you don’t like it here, then FUCK OFF.No one is forcing you to stay.

It really bugs me that people from different parts of the world can come to the UK and then complain that it’s not like their own country.Of course it’s not you dickwad, it’s it’s own country with it’s own style, so it’s very unlikely it’s going to be like a small town poxy island that half the world has never heard of and doesn’t even show properly on a map.

Sadly the Cayman Islands are nothing like London.They both have pro’s and cons, like anywhere else in the world.

Cayman – you have sun, sand, and sea.It’s not frowned upon if you get up and laze on the beach all day and drink yourself into a frenzy, you’re on holiday after all.The locals only have the option of partying and going to the “305” (Miami to those who don’t live on the “rock”) the Island is so small, that after living in London I don’t see how I could ever be on the Island for more than 2 weeks.Anything more and I’d find a shotgun and blow my brains out.

London is a cosmopolitan city, with more bars and pubs that Cayman has churches (and that’s saying something).In London you have Soho, the capitals gay capital;.in Cayman they’re incredibly homophobic it’s unbelievable.They once turned down a cruise ship that catered for gays and lesbians.The Cayman Islands government refused to let the ship dock in its harbours and allow passengers into the islands. And the locals supported it.Despite thatCaymans main source of income is touristy, they turned down a ship with thousands of tourists on it, because they were gay, they’re more concerned about Homosexuality being wrong because in the bible it’s wrong that they lost out on making some income.Stupid if you ask me.

I’d rather live in London any day.It may be expensive, but at least there is more to do than go to the beach, go to stingray city etc etc.

Argh – this whole blog entry is a rant. 🙁

I’m just in a funny mood today, where everything is pissing me off and I just want to be in bed with sod all to do.

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