Waddling & Imagination

At 22 weeks tomorrow, I feel like a waddling duck. Still 18 weeks to go and that means more room for growing. Which alarms me slightly, as I already feel huge! Apparently there’s room for improvement, so says my developing child.

Today, when I logged on to my Online Pregnancy Support group and saw this photo (courtesy of Louise Prouse) I couldn’t help but laugh.


Clearly a very pregnant lady, who is so flexible and fit that she can bend over and touch the floor with her hands, whilst supporting an impressive bump. (I also laughed at the article cleverly placed next to her bottom) hey! I never said I was mature…

So, dear readers I want to share a secret with you all, not only can I do that impressive move but I can also do the following;

~ fart and produce copious amounts of glitter into my underpants
~ turn flour into fairy dust
~ clap my hands and produce tiny rainbows which when planted at the bottom of your garden grows a pot of gold
~ tame wild unicorns with lumps of sugar

Ok, ok, so you’re right, I can’t do any of that. I simply imagine I can, whilst waddling along and trying to delicately hoist myself out of any chair I manage to sit in.

Imagination people, it counts.

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