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Today a conversation was brought up on my online pregnancy support group.

How would you react if a friend or family member announced the birth of your child on Facebook/Twitter before you did. Likewise with posting a photo.

Now, it’s clear from my blog, Facebook page and Twitter account that I am very active online. I blog about my pregnancy, I tweet about the kickboxing Flump has taken up and my husband and I have posted photos of our scans on Facebook. So it’s probably obvious then when Flump makes his or her arrival in March that we will make some sort of announcement online with photos. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if I tweet or my husband tweets during my labour and if my sister in law and I post stupid photos during the labour. For obvious reasons I won’t be tweeting or face-booking during the delivery, I’ve heard that pushing a baby out of your vagina takes rather a lot of concentration and I know that I am multi-skilled, but that’s taking it a bit far.

However, a kind note to close friends and family. You will find out from us via a phone call or text message, rather than via Facebook or Twitter. (Now is the chance to ensure Daniel or I have the correct contact details for you)

Once we have told close friends and family, then we will make an online announcement.

God forbid anyone announce our child’s birth before us or post a photo before we do, because I will go nutso on you.

So tell me blogosphere, what’s your opinion on this question?

How would you react if someone posted details of the birth of your child or a photo of your new baby online before you did?

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  1. My sister actually did this to me when my first son was born. I think my OH had actually announced it on his facebook page already but it didn’t occur to her that posting it on my page would be telling all the friends I had that OH didn’t. It also meant one of our other sisters kicking up a fuss because she found out his name on Facebook (although if you ask me, that was her fault for not asking when she was told about the birth!) I never said anything at the time, but this time I will be locking up all access to my Facebook page and making a small request a few weeks before the birth that nobody post anything until I had, even if OH already had. Hopefully they will all get the point. x

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