Not every woman gets cravings during pregnancy. I did. For some really unhealthy stuff. Stuff so bad that my husband flat out refused to buy it for me.

McDonalds French fries and sweet and sour sauce and the pickles in Big Macs and Whopper cheeses.

They were SO good, salty and hot and crispy and full of yummy, but not good for my diet at all.

Thankfully I’m no longer craving them.
Now it’s orange juice and fresh tomatoes. Oh yum. Fresh tomatoes, green ones, red salad ones, beef tomatoes, little orange plum tomatoes, tiger tomatoes, cherry tomatoes. All sliced up, sprinkled with salt and fresh ground pepper, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic glaze and maybe sprinkled with a few basil leaves, and if I’m feeling rich ill slice in some mozzarella.

Quite a healthy craving, for now.

Seeing as I’ve hardly any tomatoes in the fridge, I’ve had to make do with just the one salad tomato. It was still good though.


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