There is nothing more exciting to a new first time mama, than celebrating the upcoming birth of her baby with her friends and family.

I’ve always wanted to have a baby shower and my mother in law and 2 sister in laws, graciously helped me plan it.

There is nothing more disappointing than inviting 40 of your friends and female family members to it, only to have 8 people turn up.

I decided to set up the invitation via Facebook, 2 months before the shower. 10 people simply removed themselves from the event, didn’t bother to say “thank you but baby showers aren’t my thing / I can’t make it”.

Out of 22 people, 9 of them let me know in advance that they couldn’t make it. 13 didn’t bother responding (despite follow up messages) and 2 who initially said they were coming, just didn’t show up.

One person even accepted and then 6 weeks after accepting and saying yes, publicly said they hadn’t been told about it.

I’m not going to name and shame, you all know who you are. I’m disappointed but not surprised, I’m often let down, so it’s just one more event in my life where people I consider family and friends have let me down.

It seems that in pregnancy you find out who your real friends are. You make that announcement and people who haven’t spoken to you in years start sending your FB friend request and asking how you are. Whereas some other people completely ignore you.

Whilst I appreciate that others lead busy lives, and my pregnancy and upcoming new arrival is not as important to everyone else as it is to me and the Husband, the least you can do, as my friend, is to take 1 minute of your busy day/life to reply to me and say “sorry I can’t make it”.

It’s common courtesy and politeness when invited to a party/christening/shower/wedding/BBQ/other social event to at least inform the host if you will be attending or not.

I want to thank the 7 ladies (I was #8) who came today, with gifts and smiles and hugs. Thank you.

I want to thank my mother in law Ana for the baking treats and letting me use her home.

I want to thank my sister-in-law Sophie for helping with games and setting up and keeping the pooch and kitties occupied and out of the food, and letting me take over her home on her day off.

I want to thank my sister-in-law Tash for making the stunning cake and helping me do the food.

It’ll be interesting to see how many people come out of the woodwork when Flump arrives. How many want to see photos and visit and get newborn cuddles.

Please don’t expect me to show you the same courtesy as you’ve shown me.

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