With only 4 weeks to go (maybe less, maybe more) I’m finding myself very impatient. Not only am I achey and sore and so full of hormones that I could probably siphon off and donate some, but I’m also starting to experience that Pre-labour stage.

Lots of cramping and full aches that feel like Aunt Flo is on her way to visit. Constant bathroom trips, plus other delightful signs.

Not to mention that Flump is so low down into my pelvis, I’m pretty sure I could probably rub his/her head if I so wished to try (don’t worry, I won’t!)

Right towards the beginning of my pregnancy I wrote this post and it got me thinking about all the things I’m impatient for.

I’m impatient to see Flump and not be pregnant anymore.

I’m impatient for cuddles and kisses and to experience the first emotions that you get when you give birth.

I’m impatient to see what my baby looks like and sounds like.

I’m impatient for Sunday mornings, with the Husband, snuggled in bed with Flump.

I’m impatient to see that first smile, and I don’t even care if its wind.

I’m impatient to see the Husbands first moment with Flump, to see Flump snuggled up with his/her daddy.

I’m just impatient.

Seeing Flumps face at yesterday’s growth scan and the fact that Flump has chubby cheeks has made my impatience grow by 100%.

I can’t wait for that first skin to skin moment, that first cuddle, first kiss, the first time my baby looks at me and wonders “what the hell just happened”.

I can’t wait for the first time I see the Husband and Flump together, two of my most cherished people snuggled up.

I can’t wait to see Flump snuggled against daddy in our bed.

I just can’t wait.

So please don’t keep me waiting too long Flump, I’m impatient to meet you.

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