It was reported yesterday that HM the Queen was having to bow out of a function today in Swansea because she was suffering a bout of Gastroenteritis.
Couldn’t her PR basically just say “HM is unwell and as such is unable to attend”?

The poor woman is 86 and now the whole world knows she’s been vomiting and basically gracing ones private throne several times a day.

Why does the world have to know exactly what she’s unwell with?

I know she’s The Queen and as such everyone wants to know the ins and outs of her life, but holy hell, a bit of privacy should be given when ones got the shits, surely?!

Not a few months ago poor Kate Middleton was hospitalised with HG, a very unpleasant pregnancy related illness. The media camped outside her hospital, with some going as far as to impersonate HM the Queen and Prince Charles to try and speak to her.

The world loves (or hates) the British Royal Family and it seems the media is all too happy to report on absolutely every bloody thing they do, even shit, or so it seems. Just like the world loves a bit of celeb gossip and the media has to report on every single little thing.

I guess it’s a downfall to being famous, having no privacy.

Funnily enough it seems the same is said of pregnant women, although not quite in the same way I suppose. It’s definitely a much smaller scale.

People seem to think they can ask pregnant women practically anything, regardless of how private it may be.

Such as;

Did you conceive naturally?
You don’t *LOOK* pregnant, are you sure you are?
How’s your discharge been?
You’re not old enough to have kids!
You’re too old in my opinion to have kids!
When are you due, because you’re huge, do you want me to break your waters for you?
How much weight have you gained?
Do you pee a lot?
Are you still having sex?
How much weight have you put on?
Are you being sterilised after this one?
Are you still with the dad?
Was it planned?
Have you considered all of your options?
Are you keeping it?
Do you plan to delivery vaginally?

The list goes on!

To note, these are a series of examples from pregnant ladies across the UK, all from complete strangers, not to mention the odd one from the in-laws.

It seems that the moment you tell people you are pregnant, it becomes the norm to be asked inappropriate questions. Don’t even get me started on the Belly Touchers. Ugh!

So you go through almost 8 months of inappropriate questions and then you lose your dignity when D-day comes.

Pregnancy, it’s all glamour!!

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