when depressed – eat ice cream

way-hey! found out yesterday that i have a following…well not so much a following. let me explain.
I started my blog, because everyone else is doing it. to be fair I’m actually rather poor at posting (despite my very early admissions that I would blog regularly) anyway so everyone is blogging, so i start too, and I think ok, no one is going to read the crap i write, except my friends who hear it first hand anyway, but then i get an email! from a reader! woo! so yeah. how very cool.
anyway – this one is for Nate

here are some recommendations – authors anyway

Karin Slaughter
Tess Gerritsen
Kim Harrison
Shanna Swendson
Katie McAlister
Kelley Armstrong
Michele Bardsley
Charlaine Harris
Rachel Vincent
MaryJanice Davidson
Rachel Caine
Karen Chance
Casey Daniels
Erin McCarthy
Victoria Laurie
Melanie Lynne Hauser
Shirley Damsgaard
Madelyn Alt
Michelle Rowen
Vicki Lewis Thompson
Ronda Thompson
Jenna McKnight
Stephanie Rowe
Kimberly Raye

these are just a few – hope you enjoy the books Nate!

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