Baby on Board – A Royal Waste of a Badge

Several times a day I open my Sky News app to see what’s new in the world.

This evening Sky News had a story on Kate Middleton being given a “Baby on Board” badge.


Really Sky News? Really?! That is NOT news.

Lots of pregnant women are given “Baby on Board” badges. Hell, even train companies have them. I have 2!


Paul Harrison, Royal Correspondent says “The Duchess of Cambridge has been presented with her own “Baby on Board” badge which allows pregnant passengers access to priority seating on the Tube.”

Clearly Mr Paul Harrison has never truly witnessed what these badges get you when travelling on public transport. Which is absolutely nothing.

These badges DO NOT allow pregnant passengers access to priority seating on the tube. They should do, but they don’t. People look at you, with your pregnant belly, they look at your “Baby on Board” badge and then they IGNORE you. It is actually very rare that someone gives up their seat for a pregnant woman.

A friend of mine is pregnant, she also has SPD and has to use crutches to help her walk. Yet despite being clearly pregnant AND on crutches, she was often ignored, or pushed past by others scrambling for seats and once she was even shouted at by a man because she was sat in “his” seat and he demanded she move. She was so upset, distressed and scared that she moved so he could sit down. No one offered her a seat, no one stood up for her.

I’ve written about this several times. I had to start my maternity leave early because I couldn’t cope with the commute. The number of times I’ve been ignored on a packed train despite my 2 “Baby on Board” badges is unreal.

I am so glad that I don’t have to commute anymore. I have 2 days left until Flump is due (ha ha ha) and my Baby on Board badge has been retired.

3 thoughts on “Baby on Board – A Royal Waste of a Badge”

  1. I know some people are ignorant and always look out for themselves but I personally think the badges do help. In fact this morning I gave up my seat twice for two separate pregnant woman – and i only knew they were pregnant because of the badge. It’s common courtesy and does really pee me off how rude and ignorant some people can be pretending to sleep or read a paper. Ive even made people more of behalf of people that need seats (including one woman that didn’t want to move her handbag). But I have to say, if I see a pregnant person or someone that needs a seat more than me I ALWAYS give up my seat. And I often see people give up their seats…….. At least you don’t need to worry now 🙂

    1. Before I was pregnant and in my early pregnant days I always did the same. And ill continue to do it too once baby comes.

      But being pregnant and in the rush hour it’s hit and miss, mostly miss. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with it, in fact more bad than good. The good experiences although few and far between, will always stay with me.

      It also means that I will always remember my experiences and make sure I continue to give up my seat for those who need it more than me.

  2. I think it would be awesome if men would still act like gentlemen and give up their seat for women whether pregnant, disabled or not. As far as womens lib I feel pregnant women should be given sits held by men or women. I think it’s sad you need a label to invite people to be polite. As far as Kate Midfleton receiving a badge I feel it is just done as a publicity stunt which is an embarrassment to others. I’m sorry of the times you were pushed or shoved (pregnant or not) while I may not have commented at the time the posts made me cringe.

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