…and that’s when it fell off in my hand.

Yesterday was mine and Daniels first anniversary. 1 year. 1 whole year.
It was really sweet, I got a single red rose, in a vase, with chocolates delivered to my office. When I got home I was made an amazing 3 course meal, homemade Brushetta, home made pasta with pesto and cream, and homemade blackberry cheesecake. sooooooooooooooooooo nice.

Today I went to see my gorgey nephew. he is very sweet and loveable. however he’s started teething! at 6 weeks old! normally first teeth don’t arrive until 5 or 6 months. i bet his mum is thinking, if he takes such a short amount of time to get teeth, I hope it’s the same as when he starts to potty train!! he is gorgey though. smiles a lot, which is so awesome to see.

Today I also got some very not so good news.
My grandad has had cancer for a while, 2 or 3 years now, but it was all in check. About 4 months ago he was told that he had to have an MRI scan and also some radiotherapy. So he had his scan, and it came back that his cancer had spread, so he had to have the radio therapy pretty quickly. He had another scan recently and was told the cancer has spread quite widely now, and has now reached his head. He’s been given two options.
Have chemo therapy and possibly live for another 2 or 3 years. or. Don’t have Chemo and have only 6 weeks left to go.

I’m sad. I mean I knew my grandad had cancer, and was being treated, and obviously we all die at some point, but he’s not even 70. I didn’t expect it to happen this quickly. I’m all over the place. 🙁

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