Day 6

I have been taking daily photos since my Bells Palsy kicked off. So I could see if there was any change.

I’m on Day 6 and there is no change at all. However, it hasn’t got any worse, thank god!


I still slur my speech if I speak for any length of time and I get tired very quickly. I can’t pronounce words that contain B’s or P’s, which is frustrating.
I can’t talk quickly, I have to speak slowly to form my words, which often makes me feel incredibly stupid.

Yesterday I think I felt a small twitch on my right nostril, but I can’t be 100% sure if it was real or if I think it was because I wanted to be. However I’ve just felt it again, so I think it was real!

I am still self conscious, despite The husband saying “despite your wonky face, I still love you” yesterday.

Thankfully I have had no horrible experiences out in public.

It’s just a waiting game now. How long before it starts to resolve? How long before I can eat and drink properly? How long before I can speak without sounding like I’m drunk?

I’ll admit I am fed up of waiting. I want my face back, I want to feel better.

I have a review with the GP next Wednesday. My medication will be completed and hopefully something will have started to change.

If there has been no change at all, then I guess the GP will decide what else we do and when next we review.

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