Go Fourth and Ink

Since getting my first tattoo a few years ago, I’ve become hooked on being inked.

It takes me a while to choose my tattoos. The way I see it, I will have these tattoos for the rest I my life and I want to always love them and I want them to have meaning.

I have 3 tattoos.

I always said that I wanted a tattoo to mark the arrival and existence of my first child. A tribute to her, a piece of significant art to celebrate her.

I had so many ideas of what to have but I just couldn’t settle on what to choose.

A big part of making my decision is where my ink will go. I am very particular about the placing of my tattoos. I want to be able to show them off as well as hide them. I want them to be discreet and subtle.

I settled on it all this morning.
Now all I need to do is find the design that I’m in love with and see if my tattooist will ink me whilst I’m still nursing Little Duck.

Oh, and I need to get it costed and save the pennies.

The anticipation of my next inking session is immense.

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