Annoying Children

I know it’s not Friday, which is the day normally reserved by Bloggers for Ranty Friday, but I can’t wait until tomorrow.

It’s not often I pick up a Metro on my way to work at 5am, as often they haven’t been delivered. Today, there they were and I picked one up.

Leafing through it I come to this photo. (Apologies for the size!)


Are you serious Metro?
Even celebrities have to “contend with annoying children”.

Did you SERIOUSLY just call The Beckhams little girl an “annoying child”?

Newsflash! This is what children DO! I see this photo as a child and a father spending quality time together. Interacting, a daughter who clearly has a loving relationship with her dad.

I am seriously flabbergasted by this caption.
A small toddler, kissing her dad, sharing her snacks, playing with dads baseball cap. This is NOT an annoying child. This is what toddlers do.

Becks, 38, looks weary.
Of course he does, he’s a working dad with 4 kids who all want his attention. He has a wife who probably wants to spend time with him.

Parenting is HARD WORK with one child, much less four! David Beckham is only human.

Clearly the person who wrote this caption either;

A) doesn’t have children
B) hates children
C) doesn’t have a bloody clue

Newsflash Metro, a photo of a child interacting with her “celeb” daddy, is NOT an annoying child.

Shame on you.

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