#4 of 22

Yesterday I posted about 22 writing prompts for bloggers aiming to inject humour into your writing.

Today I’m attempting prompt number 4.

The weirdest thing found on your person.

It was about 3 years ago, Christmas time. An annual event where friends go out for a civilised fun night out, drinking, secret Santa gift exchange, dinner and merriment.

I am surprised that we haven’t been banned from the local area, as mostly we are never civilised. We are mostly like 8 year olds pretending to be grow ups.

The night inevitably ends with the table candle poofed out and wax everywhere, and bits of Christmas hats smoking in the remnants of Christmas pudding dishes, plus handbags filled with stolen condiments and salt and pepper shakers. Once I found a miniature gravy boat in my handbag the next morning.

But the weirdest thing I have ever found. Is flattened sculptures of candle wax in my bra.
My body heat had softened the wax and my boob moulded the sculpture into quite a beautiful piece of art.

Shame I didn’t keep it or take a photo really.

Mind you, I probably have done and will no doubt find it in 25 years time.

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