Voice Blogging

Recently on one of my Facebook groups the topic came up about blogging.

One of the ladies asked if there was any way to speak your blog posts as opposed to typing them out.

To be perfectly honest I didn’t have a clue, despite having blogged for nearly 6 or seven years now. The fact that I have had an iPhone for six or seven years now, you’d have thought I’d known! Who knew that you could open notepad on the iPhone and speak into it and it would record everything you’ve said, as text?!

Not me apparently!

So I thought I’d give it a try.

This post has been composed by speaking into notepad instead of sitting here and typing it into the tiny little keyboard with my fat fingers.
Granted I’ve had to edit it as I’ve gone along, and I’ve had to delete lots of sections because it’s wrong due to being misinterpreted, with some extremely funny results along the way. But mostly? It’s been pretty cool and pretty quick!
And kind of fun.

It took me three attempts to write that last sentence by the way, my iPhone kept interpreting it as “I’m kind of fun”, which is true but not what I was trying to say!

Is this the way forward? Will I continue to blog in this manner? Who knows? I’ll probably forget by next week. Or maybe I won’t.

It doesn’t surprise me that I’ve come late to the party. I bet loads of bloggers post in this manner. Better late than never I suppose!!

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