Well, we’ve moved.
We haven’t finished unpacking…. But we have moved.
We have 1 and 3/4 rooms out of 5 fully completed.

The bathroom is done.
Emma’s room, almost done.
The kitchen, mostly done.
The living room, almost done.
Our bedroom, has become the dumping ground for boxes, bags and miscellaneous items from the move.

The good thing is that our new home, already feels like home. There’s so much I want to do, which takes time and money. I have all to much of one and hardly any of the other, and it’ll be a while before the balance of that equation is restored.

The bathroom is the only room that is 100% done. The only issue? No working lock. The locks there, it’s just pointless. This doesn’t propose a problem for us, until we have a house full of guests.

So we came up with the notice board.
We were initially going to get a sign that simply flipped over, so when someone was in the bathroom then they could flip the sign to say In Use/Occupied/Unavailable or whatever else comes on signs these days.
But then The Husband had a better idea.

So now we have a whiteboard up. When you go in, you have an option to write a message. ANY message.

I’m hoping for some absolute brilliant messages.

So far, we’ve had these;

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