A New Blog, A New Beginning?

So…this must be my fourth? no. fifth attempt at a blog. hmm. lets see how far this one goes. well. I am determined, seeing as everyone else seems to have blogs, that they actually write on (for more than a month). you get to the stage where you start to feel a bit left out.

Hannah and Noah have gone back to Cayman, this morning, and I have to go back to work tomorrow.
Something that I am and I’m not really looking forward to.
I mean, I go back to work become busy again (continually forget to have a drink or go to the bathroom on account of people pulling me in 15 million directions), I will get to find out whether or not I got the job in the contracts team, as their new manager, but on the other hand, I actually have to do work, and I will miss my afternoon naps.

I got into the habit of afternoon naps, because looking after a toddler is demanding. It’s tiring, and exhausting. He slept twice a day, and after shopping and playing and what not, I found that I needed a nap too. this is telling me, that at the moment, I am NOT designed to have babies. aparantly they sleep a lot when they are little (yet new mothers are always so tired….) anyhoo I get off subject. I’m not really looking forward to going back to work. It’s such a pity that I can’t just stay home and potter and still have someone pay me a monthly salary (decent salary).

just realised that I have yet to have a nap today. so I guess that’s good. it means I can go to bed at a “normal” time, so that I can get up at 6 to get ready to go to work.

Had my eyes tested today (my last eye test was in 2001!) which cost £17, however work is paying for that (another good thing about work). My left eye is fine, however my right eye is weaker. The optician gave me a prescription but mentioned that there is not really any point in me wearing glasses, just to have regular check ups. So I’ve tucked my prescription away (code for in the draw and I won’t see it for the next millenia). I did like the idea of getting glasses though. cute frames in all sorts of colours to go with lots of different outfits – which then would give me the incentive (excuse) for some retail therapy to buy lots more clothes to go with the different glasses.

Also flat sitted for Alan (Daniel’s brother) for a while so he could go and run some errands. it seems his girlfriend took both sets of keys with her when she went away and he’s stuck until she comes back. 🙂 bless.

Tonight I plan to read a bit more of my book “Wicked Magic”, perhaps eat some food, relax in the bath and get ready for bed. Perhaps speak to Daniel (however I believe that he is playing his WoW game, so I may not speak to him). and as usual, feed my facebook addiction.

Facebook – the social network where you poke and be poked. ah the joys of the interweb.

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