When Sure contacted me, asking me if I wanted to review their Motionsense™ technology deodorant, of course I said yes. I had a great opportunity to test it out, thanks to moving house.

We moved house and everyone knows that moving house is stressful and mostly involves dirt, dust and heavy lifting.The last two times we’ve moved, we’ve moved to top floor apartments in a 3 storey building, and NO lifts. Thankfully this time it is a ground floor (YAY!) apartment, but heavy lifting was still involved. Thankfully it wasn’t too hot, not that it mattered, as it was still hard work and made everyone very sweaty. By the end of the move, whilst I was sweaty, I still smell fresh. BONUS.

Lets talk about how it works.

 Sure has created the world’s first antiperspirant containing breakthrough Motionsense™ technology that is activated directly by movement. 

Motionsense™ technology means that Sure contains microcapsules that burst with friction so the more you move, the more it protects. Which is pretty cool.

So after you’re all clean and dry from the shower, you spray under your arms. You don’t want to do this too close to your skin as the concentrated application becomes very powdery; similarly you don’t want to spray it from too far away, otherwise you’re just wasting it and effectively using it as an air freshener!

The spray contains tiny microcapsules which sit on your skin (cause that’s where you sprayed it!) and as you move, the friction created (think swinging arms, lifting things etc) causes the tiny microcapsules burst, and once that happens you’re all fresh again (and smelling nice too)

It comes in regular size canisters and compressed compact sized canisters. The compressed packaging now means that Sure is the perfect size to fit in your handbag and due to the compressed nature of the can, it means that you get the same amount of product but less air is released when you spray it.

Sure sent me the compact size, which is indeed handy for my handbag. That said, I can never find anything in my handbag, without first emptying it all out (#firstworldproblems), so I really would benefit from a clever device that could help me find things easier. My suggestion to Sure is to add a florescent strip or similar to the compact canisters, to help women with big handbags find their Sure deodorant quickly. Or, if we’re being technologically savvy, fitting each canister with a small LED light, and transmitter, and having an app so you can activate the LED to flash using a simple button on your smart phone. Or I could just get a smaller handbag and be a little more organised and a little less pack rat. I should probably throw away the months or receipts too.

So Sure sent me a small compressed canister of their deodorant and I used it.  

Usually I do a job that can be quite physical, lots of walking, and in the summer it is HOT, especially working on trains that sometimes don’t have air conditioning. 

To be fair, the winter can be just as harsh, as you’re constantly going from the freezing cold, into very warm trains. You have to dress for the cold, and its not practical to take off all your warm clothes each time you board a train, so you get hot and sweaty quite quickly. So far, Sure Motionsense™ deodorant holds up its end of the bargain, it’ll be interesting to see how it works over the winter months.

Sure compressed has been developed to be softer on your skin, whilst will still providing you with the same level of sweat protection no matter what you do.

What I liked

~ its small and easy to carry round

~ it does what it says on the tin!

~ it smells nice

What I didn’t like

~ spraying too close causes my armpit to look like a winter wonderland

~ my handbag is full of crap and it takes ages to find (my own fault!)

~ its quite an intense scent when sprayed in a small area (ventilation is your friend!)

~ it doesn’t taste very nice (keep your mouth closed when using it)
Will I buy this in future?

Probably. In fact, very likely. 

Would I recommend this to others?

Sure! (See what I did there?) 

Massive thanks to Sure for sending me the product to review.  You can purchase Sure Motionsense™ at most chemists and supermarkets.

*the product was provided by Sure. All words and opinions are my own.

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