Thanks, but no Thanks.

So I didn’t hear from the other two jobs, so I chased them up.
Despite them saying during the interviews that they’d let me know, they didn’t.
Turns out I didn’t get either job. so it’s back to the drawing board. this is fast becoming a nightmare.

I’ve applied for like 30 jobs since yesterday. my fingers are crossed, cause i’m getting desperate!

other than not having a job, theres not much new going on.

Have been promoting Peter Facinelli on Twitter. He’s got a bet on with a friend of his, so if you have twitter and you don’t already follow him, please do! he’s got to get 500,000 followers by the 19th of June.

It’s 3 days til the summer solictice. I feel like a bad wiccan. I’ve done nothing to mark any of the esbats or sabbats at all this year. doesnt mean I havent thought about them, i just havent done anything.

Midsummer: ( June 21st )
Summer’s Solstice, where the God reaches the peak of it’s power before starting it’s withdrawal again. The shortest night of the year, and traditionally good for magick and love rites.”

I should start paying more attention really.

Saturday we’re going to a Braziallian place at the O2. It’s all you can eat, so that should be good fun.

Tomorrow it’s 3 months till the wedding. EXCITEMENT!

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