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So yeah I haven’t updated in a while… ok, nearly a month. I apologise.  It’s been hectic. New Job etc.

I’ve been down in Margate training for my new job.  It’s a long commute, not exactly hard, but tiring.

Every morning I get to St Pancras about 6.10 – 6.15, I get a Tall Americano with steamed milk and an egg and bacon panini.  I train all the way to Margate, learn stuff and then travel back.
My days start at 3.30am when I have to get up to be able to get to Margate before 9.00am.

Margate is pretty much boarded up.  Fair enough it is only March, and it’s fricking freezing down there.  I am sure it is much better when the summer starts.  TBH I’ve had as much of Margate as I can take.  only 6 more days there.

Apart from the hard work, ahem, training I’ve been doing, nothing much has been happening.
It was Kims birthday on the 5th, so the Sunday after we all went for a pub lunch, it was pretty ace.
I’ve ordered myself a new iPhone. The 3GS one.  it should be arriving this morning, we’ll see.  I hope it does, cause i want to play with it!

I found out that my brother and his girlfriend are having another baby, this August.  I can’t wait.  I’m hoping it’s a little girl, but Daniel thinks it’s going to be another boy.  Either way I can’t wait!

I’m now just grasping for things to say…. How bad is it that I can’t really remember whaty I’ve done over the past month!


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