you’ve been carded

Well it’s Alan and Tash’s Halloween party tonight, and I’m all excited.  I thought that I would go to Sainsbury’s at lunch, grab some lunch, get some drinks for tonight and to top it all off, get some cash back.

except….I heard the dreaded words.  the words you hate when your under 18 and trying to get away with purchasing alcohol.

Are you over 21?

So I said yes and quoted my date of birth at her.
The lady seemed to accept that and then she changed her mind.  "Oh" she says. "Can I see your ID?"
"I don’t carry ID to work" I reply.
"Oh" she says
So I look at her and explain (as you would to a 2 year old)
"I live and work in London, where there is no need for me to drive, therefore I do not have a drivers licence.  My passport is at home, as I don’t carry it around just for the sake of it.  It cost me £94 last time I did that, and I’m not really into having to spend another £94 if my bag is stolen."

Then she says ok, let me speak to my supervisor.  She calls over her supervisor, and explains the situation and the supervisor goes, "There is nothing I can do if she’s already asked you for ID".

so, please explain to me, why on earth did she call you over, if she already knew this.  What a bloody waste of time.  at this point I’m getting annoyed, as it is wasting my time, which is already diminishing by the second.  The cashier rings up my lunch and tells me it’s £4 something or other, to which I reply "actually, don’t bother." and walk out.

How infuriating.  Instead I went and got a bottle of wine from the Wine Merchants in my building and it’s a lovely bottle of red.  Which did cost me £16, but hey, it’s Sainsbury’s loss…

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