Dancing and Martial Arts with the mummies!

We went to an exhibition at the British Museum last night. Fruit, Daniel and I.
Earlier in the week Fruit emailed me a link…

It looked wicked and between the two of us, we got it into our heads that this was yesterday. (Thursday the 8th..of November). Now both of us (I’d like to think) are reasonably intelligent and have the ability to read quite well. how we got it wrong I don’t know.

So, thinking this exhibition was on, we toddled over to the museum, and it wasn’t. Poor Fruit rushed into the West End from Bromley. (I work across the street) and Daniel came from Whitton.

Needless to say we weren’t very amused with ourselves, even though it was quite hilarious.

We are going to go on the 6th of December. Should be good fun. If you want to come along, then please do!

Afterwards, Fruit went to get her train home, and Daniel and I stopped in Starbucks for Coffee.

I have decided Starbucks is where we start in our attempt at world domination. Brain (from Pinky and the Brain) has great idea’s, but they always get squashed….he should have started at Starbucks.


We get coffee and walk over our favourite bridge across the Thames to go to Waterloo to get trains home.

I had a great evening despite the mishap…

Although I wouldn’t recommend in drinking a vanilla latte before bed. I had awful nightmares last night. *shudder*

time to start work. lots to do.

over and out!

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