Creativity Wanted

I have often made up stories in my head, stories about faeries, witches, demons, vampires. It may come as no surprise to people that my favourite genre to read is the supernatural and preternatural genre. Whether it be paranormal romance, thriller, or horror, if it has werewolves, were-animals, vampires, faeries etc in it, then most likely I will read it.

Sometimes however when trying to take these ideas I have and put them to paper, or word document as the case sometimes is, the idea just disappears. It seems my muse of creativity and writing just gets up and wanders off. How I would love to be an established author. But I realise that becoming an established author doesn’t come easy (for most people anyway).

In an attempt to get my creative juices flowing, I decided to write some short stories, that will, hopefully, develop into something more. Like perhaps a book. Or a series of books, maybe, maybe not. In my attempt to get the juices flowing, I thought I’d find a writing challenge generator, and over to my friend Google, I searched. I found Seventh Sanctum. I got some ideas, but others just made me laugh. They most certainly are a “challenge”. Here are a few of my favourite ones.

· The story takes place in the late evening. A character will have their hair cut, but the action is misinterpreted.

· The story must have a theologian in it. The story must have dust appear in the middle.
· The story must have a fish in it.
· A character dyes their hair, but the action is misinterpreted. The story is set in a desecrated temple. During the story, there is an assassination.
· During the story, there is a dramatic discovery. The story must have a barracuda at the beginning.

I’m not entirely sure, what my attempt at writing will produce, but I can’t imagine it. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough. Perhaps I’ll try to write something with the above ideas and see what happens.

I’m going to open this up to my readers, can you come up with a short story featuring some (if not all) of the above challenges? I am considering a prize for the best story, so stay tuned and get writing!

Richard I will not have you turning that colour in front of Mrs Lennox!!

I am rather fed up today.
fed up of being sick.
fed up of being bored.
fed up of pretty much everything.

i think I might take my SLR for an outing soon, will have to wait until the weather improves a bit and I also have to go and get some film. really want to upgrade to a digital SLR, sadly the one I want is more than £700 and I don’t have the kind of money right now. well not to spend on a camera anyways.

perhaps I need some get up and drive. I could catalouge my books. but it’s a daunting idea of trying to get well over 500 books catalouged. If I was rich I could hire an assistant.

now that would be cool.
I could hire an assistant to catalouge my dvd’s and books. bring me lunch at work. do dry cleaning. do research on books I would like to read, then go and buy them!

I was thinking of writing but I still have writers block. perhaps I should try writing a kiddies book or something. gah. the cogs have become blocked with a load of drivel.

right, guess I’d better find something constructive to do.