tonight i’m a spreader

well Kerry took me out for dessert this evening, to the O2.
We got there, went to Frankie and Bennys had something to eat and then went home.

when Kare and I are together, we do have a good time, often ending in stitches of laughter (which is good for the heart) and the laughter never stops.

On the way back to the car park, we walked past this little red car where a girl was sitting on the drivers lap and they were full frontal snogging, it looked like she was totally eating his face. Kare and I had a bit of a girly giggle and went back to her car.

We got into the car, and I though it would be funny to do something as we drove past them in the car to get out of the car park. so the conversation went a little something like this.

Me: Ooh, we should roll the window down and play “like a virgin really loudly as we drive past!” (Kare had Madonna in the cd player)
Kare – ha ha yeah that’d be funny.

so we put on track 4, and Kare rolls her window down, and we stop at the corner by their car, and as the beats start to go into “like a virgin!” Kare turns the car out, and says “don’t look, you’ll make it obvious”, so what do I do, I don’t look, BUT I put my right hand next to my eyes and I’m shaking with laughter, as we’re stopped by this car, with “Like a Virgin” playing really loudly next to them. the girl stops eating the guys face, and they both look at as, as does the crowd and I’m shaking with laughter, and Kare is laughing too, and then we drive off, in fits of giggles.

it was hilarious. I think I nearly wet myself.

Then as we pull out of the car park, there is a massive truck in front of us, with these massive bright words scrawled across the back saying “spreader” so I tried to get a picture, but the lights then went green and my camera wasn’t quite ready. Kare wanted to know what he was “spreading” so she gets up close, and we see he is spraying some sort of grit on the roads, perhaps so they don’t ice over or something, and what does she do, open the windows! the big truck is on my side of the road and rocks are being sprayed into the car, thankfully not hitting me, 1 hit Kare…i think. so we laughed again.

eventually I got home (obviously as I am writing this) and now it’s time for bed.

I love that chick. she’s too funny for words.


sitting down and thinking about things. I’ve realised that I’ve become quite a shit friend.
in fact generally I have been a bit of a horrible friend.

I always used to go on about friends who never returned my calls, or texts, etc. generally I try to return calls, and texts and i’m not bad at it.

but today someone made me realise that I have been an absolute crappy friend to them for a while.
I’ve not seen them in nearly 4 months. apart from the very occassional text message or email, I haven’t even spoken to them. and I feel awful about it.

This is the person who has always been around to talk to. Took me out to cheer me up when I was as depressed as sin, and has generally been a good friend. šŸ™
And I just haven’t bothered to email, text, ring. nothing.

Then there are my other friends, friends who I speak to regularly, and text and email a lot, but I haven’t seen in ages. Mainly because neither of us has time. Then there are friends, who I speak to once a month, either by phone or text, but I only see 2 or 3 times a year. My dearest friends. Friends who live here, who I can see, and I don’t.
There are friends who live abroad, who I email every so often, but I only get to see them once every few years.

Friends who I thought were my friends, don’t really speak to me anymore, although I do get the odd poke on facebook. These are people who I used to go out with every week. We used to go on holidays together. BBQ’s, nights out, cinema. Now I dont even speak to them.

Sending an email isn’t hard. It something you do day in and day out. Same with sending a text, or picking up the phone and ringing someone just to say hello, hope you’re doing ok.

it’s not like it’s hard. I get unlimited sms messages each month, and free minutes, that I never ever use. Why not use them up.

I hate what i’ve become.

To all my friends – I’m really really sorry for being a generally shitty friend.

Friends are important. They’re the ones who cheer you up when you’re down, give you advice when you have a problem, take you out for a laugh, make you smile, make you realise that deep down you are a good person, you are beautiful. they’re not something to be taken for granted.

to all my friends – I love you dearly and thank you all for your years of support and love.