Richard I will not have you turning that colour in front of Mrs Lennox!!

I am rather fed up today.
fed up of being sick.
fed up of being bored.
fed up of pretty much everything.

i think I might take my SLR for an outing soon, will have to wait until the weather improves a bit and I also have to go and get some film. really want to upgrade to a digital SLR, sadly the one I want is more than £700 and I don’t have the kind of money right now. well not to spend on a camera anyways.

perhaps I need some get up and drive. I could catalouge my books. but it’s a daunting idea of trying to get well over 500 books catalouged. If I was rich I could hire an assistant.

now that would be cool.
I could hire an assistant to catalouge my dvd’s and books. bring me lunch at work. do dry cleaning. do research on books I would like to read, then go and buy them!

I was thinking of writing but I still have writers block. perhaps I should try writing a kiddies book or something. gah. the cogs have become blocked with a load of drivel.

right, guess I’d better find something constructive to do.

danger – radiation ahead

so I had my chest xray today. it took a whole of 2 minutes to do. but I wont know the results of them for another 10 working days. So I guess in two Wednesdays from today, I give my GP a call and see what happens.

Daniel has been so sweet looking after me. We watched Lost yesterday evening, and I am hooked. I watched 6 episodes straight. Season 4 begins at the end of this month, so I have 32 episodes to get through by the end of the month….I think I can do it.

driving around in my automobile

today didn’t start of too well if I’m being honest, however it has seemed to improve somewhat.
it started off with me being up early for work, and thinking that I’d get a later train….which turns out made me late, so I won’t be doing that again.
The train was delayed by a few minutes, and was packed solid, by the time we got to Lewisham I was irritable to say the least.
After 5 minutes of sitting (standing in my case) at Lewisham station, the driver announces that someone has taken ill, and they are waiting for medical assistance to arrive.  we are there for another 10 minutes, before we can set off.
We then make our way towards London Bridge, and just outside London Bridge a girl standing 2 people up from me vomits everywhere.  Poor girl is so embarrassed and apologising, however cannot stop being violently ill all over the place.  I pulled the emergency button (whilst everyone else kept staring at the poor girl and occasionally passing her tissues – which lets face it – a few small pocket tissues are not going to help clean up the masses of puke now making it’s way across the train floor)  and the driver calls for medical assistance at London Bridge, where we stop for another amount of time.
I eventually got to work late, to an inbox full of emails.
which brings me to my next subject.  reading emails, writing emails.  seriously it is not hard.  when you read something, make sure you understand it before asking questions that need not be asked. 🙂  and when you send an email make sure you send it to the right person. 🙂
2008 is looking to be a good year.
I shall be clearing off 1 loan, and then moving on to the 2nd, so within 2 years I should (technically) be debt free!  woo!
then I can start saving up to buy a house and be all grown up like.  i guess…..
I have a job I love, a team who are great, a wonderful boyfriend who I love dearly, family, good friends, despite the fact that I’ve been a bit of a bitch to most of them recently.
 all in all it’s not too bad.
now I just need to continue drinking lots of water (which I never do – although I did drink 8 full glasses yesterday!) and hopefully losing a couple of stone.
lets go 2008 – make me proud!

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It’s new years eve, and I’m at work.
I swear to the gods, that anyone who reads my blog must think I have no social life what-so-ever.
I am always at work – well it seems that way…

So It’s new years eve today – plans are – finish work, go home to Daniel, eat my pie (which I hope has asparagus in it) and then play Zombies. I’ll also probably buy some champagne on my way home too.

it’s pretty quiet today – although there is loads of post to go through and sort out, so not too quiet.

I wish I didn’t have to work the holidays – next year – I AM SOOOOO NOT WORKING!

i summon thee effrijim.

I’m reading one of my all time favourite series. An Aisling Grey, Guardian Novel.
Really good series of books. The first one was set in Budapest, and I loved it so much, that I just had to go to Budapest. Loved it.
The others have been based in Paris, London, and now this one has seen the lead go to Tibet. I don’t think I’ll be travelling to Tibet just yet though….

Anyhoo – she has this demon underling called Effrijim, Jim for short – and whilst earthbound he’s a newfoundland doggie. I love him so much.

I wish I had one. love it!

that way when people piss me off, or annoy me – I can summon him to eat them.

I think that perhaps I live in a world of my own……..either that – or I’m just a nutcase.

more than likely the latter.

get back to work! bah humbug!

Well Christmas is officially over, and I’m back to work.

It was an overall success I think. got some really lovely presents.

Daniel got me pj’s, but not just any pj’s, spongebob pj’s!!! they’re excellent. i love them.
Also got a really cool starbucks thermos, which is very cool. A new book, which is the 4th in the series I am reading, halfway done, so that’s cool.
And my best present of all, a photo album – with pictures already in it. I love it so much.
There’s pictures of our first date, places we’ve been too, things he’s done. It’s so thoughtful.
I plan to fill it with loads of other photo’s. Maybe even decorate it – turn it into a scrapbook of sorts.

right- well I guess it’s back to work.
Have loads on my mind at the moment – but not really in the mood to write it all down….it’s all depressing – and I’d rather keep myself in a decent mood.

anyhoos – over and out.

this is not proof of identity

So an update – seeing as I’ve again fallen into the trap of not blogging. yet again.
It’s coming up to Christmas, and I think everything is now finished. I think.

Presents – check.
Cards sorted – check.
Christmassy food – check.
Wrapping done – almost – 4 to go.
guess all is well.

I went on a waste tasting experience with some of the girls yesterday. It was excellent.
Tried a few nice champagnes, and red wines – not a fan of white wine to be honest.
Towards the end, we were all a bit worse for wear….laughing and what not. We did go through 12 different wines, 2 champagnes and a bombay saphire cocktail. now I know why I don’t drink gin – fucking disgusting stuff.

Anyhoo – to soak up some of the alcohol, we ventured into Nando’s next to the Vinopolis, and had yummy food, then I caught my train back to Whitton to see Daniel.

Today, Daniel has introduced me to World of Warcraft – which I ashamedly admit to becoming addicted to. I think I shall have to purchase it, however if I do that, I know that I will never get anything done. So I think I might just play on Daniel’s account, until I get bored of it.

Otherwise, not much to do. Still reading the Amber Spyglass, the 3rd in the series of Philip Pullman novels. I’m just about a third of the way in. It’s quite good, although the Subtle Knife so far is my favourite.

Back to work tomorrow – Christmas Eve – oh the joy!
Then Chirstmas day, where I shall begin the cooking, and drinking before my lovely daddy drives me to Daniel’s house to continue the Christmas festivities.

oh and it was Yule on Friday/Saturday – and I did nothing to celebrate – I feel a bit crap about that, so I think I shall have to do something on Monday evening.

righty oh – over and out.