Date Night

Last night my husband and I decided that we were going to go into the West End and get dinner. Also, we had a £25 gift voucher for the Texas Embassy Cantina and thought it’d be a pretty cheap night. Until we got to the restaurant and it had closed down. No notice of website, or the doors/windows, it was jut shut and the restaurant was empty, no tables or chairs, nothing.
So far date night was going fabulously.
So we walked up Haymarket and round Piccadilly Circus and eventually settled on a 50’s style American Burger Joint, Eds diner. Great atmosphere, great food and reasonable prices!

We were all set to head home when I decided I wanted dessert. So we headed into Leicester Sq to the Häagen-Dazs restaurant. Oh yum. A restaurant dedicated to jut ice-cream desserts and drinks. And coffee. What’s not to like?!?


Midway through my ice-cream I split some down my top. “oh crap!” I muttered. And quickly dipped my napkin in my water and dabbed it off.
The husbands response?
“if this was a first date, it’d have been a no” and he carried on eating his ice cream.

Clearly he loves me. I think. Messiness and all.

Dear Flams

Today is my husbands birthday, and I think that I am possibly more excited than he is. I’ve been trying to give him his birthday present for over 6 weeks now, and he has been very adamant and firm that he will not open it until his actual birthday, which is today!!

So this post is dedicated to my husband, Daniel, who is wonderful, loving, supportive, friendly, funny and sometimes goofy and silly. He looks after me when I’m sick, he lets me watch the TV if the show he’s watching is crap (in my opinion), he lets me decided on dinner, he puts up with my bad moods, my crying fits, my silly fits, my fits of laughter, you name it he does it.

I love him more than words can say and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful person in my life.

Happy Birthday baby, I love you.

when you die….

Yesterday I had to report a dangerous tree. No. I am not joking, you can actually report trees as dangerous to the authorities. Gone are the days when you did such things and were carted off to the asylum.

You see there’s this tree that I pass every day to and from work, in fact I have to pass it anytime I want to leave my home. This tree is so dangerous that one day it could actually kill someone. Yes. I am serious.  This tree is resting on a pine fence. The fence isn’t coping so well. In fact the fence is pretty much at breaking point and is ready to snap.

I noticed it a year ago, the fence was buckled where the tree “rests” on it. After some bad weather I noticed that the buckled part of the fence has a big crack in it, clearly from the pressure coming from this tree. It freaks me out everytime I walked pass it, but it seems steady enough. Until recently that is. More bad weather hit us, and when I saw the tree on the fence the fence had almost split in half. Once it goes there is every chance that the tree is going to fall.  Apparently the property owners don’t maintain their fence or probably even look at it, so I reported it.

Now where the hell is my good citizen badge?!? My actions have saved lives! I’m practically a HERO!

On the way home yesterday I was with the husband and I showed him what I meant (when we passed the tree). He listened to me patiently about this tree for about 5 minutes when he piped up “if you die, I’ll be rich“, followed by “I can spend it on loads of things I don’t need“. At this point I laughed, because, yeah right! And also, his comments totally prove he wasn’t even listening to me.

I’m totally going to have to get a will drawn up that says if I die, the money he gets will be used to pay for my funeral, and to pay off my debts, you know, the responsible things, like Jimmy Choos for me to be cremated in.

My husband however has a different idea.  If I happen to be squashed to death by a dangerous tree, then he’s using the money to set up a foundation in my name.  He will then use the foundation to buy things he doesn’t need and to buy things for other people that they also don’t need.  But I guess that’s not so bad, cause eventually somebody has got to need all that crap.  Right?

In the meantime, I’m going to go buy lots of crap that I don’t need, so that when I die, he can have a head start on his foundation.


Dangerous Tree from the Left
Dangerous Tree from the Right


access denied

hello again.

well here’s an updated.
I went back to work today after having a week off ill. It wasn’t too bad. busy for me, but not so much for my team. it’s the first time in ages that I haven’t been involved in the day to day work.

I finished my course of antibiotics and I’m still ill. My chest is still tight, heavy and wheezy, and I have a cough, although it’s not as bad as it was. The antibiotics haven’t worked very well at all, so I have to go back to the doctor tomorrow morning to be checked over again. not sure what he will say as he did give me some very strong antibiotics and its still not shifted. 🙁

Daniel and I went to Bournemouth over the weekend, and we relaxed a great deal. it was very nice, and I had a lovely time.

my appetite is back too! when I first became ill, I didn’t eat much at all, now I’m back to eating again, which is good. also drinking a lot more too, again also good.

Daniel hasn’t been very well, he also has a chesty cough, which is more than likely me passing the germs along. :0( he does have a doctors appointment on Friday, so hopefully that will go ok.

Bless him, he is so lovely and kind, and despite being poorly himself looked after me all the while I was ill. staying up with me, rubbing my back, getting me drinks, making me lunch, helping me take my medication. and he never complained once.

today I went back to work, and then I came home afterwards, and he wasn’t here. (because he was at his house) and I really missed him. missed him not being around, missed my hug from when I got in from work. I even miss him asking me if i’ve taken my inhaler today…. which he said religiously for a week. i just miss him. a lot.

hes such a special guy and I love him so much.

anyway – enough of my soppyness. it’s high time, I pulled the covers back and got into bed, to relax for the evening.

and yes daniel, I will ensure I take my inhaler before bed.