It’s Not Wind

We’ve had smiles.
Real smiles, not the smiles they make when they have wind (gas for you Americans).

Apparently when babies hit the 6 week mark they begin smiling. We’re not quite at 6 weeks yet, a few days off.

We had the odd smile a week or so ago, but didn’t get the camera quick enough.
Today? We had lots. And enough time to get photos!


A New First

Emma is 5 weeks old tomorrow. I can’t believe she is 5 weeks old already. It seems like only yesterday I was in the hospital waiting for her to be born.

In those 5 weeks I haven’t been away from her for more than a few hours. That was to go to the dentist and to the doctors. Until now.

Instead of being at home with my small human, I am sat in a hospital bed missing her.

I miss her face.
I miss her new smiles.
I miss her new gurgling.
I miss her cries.
I miss her smell.
I miss her so incredibly much.

This is hard. So hard.

I never ever expected to feel so lost or sad and it’s times like this that make me dread when I have to return to work at the end of the summer.

When you decide to have a baby, lots of things get forgotten, or rather you just don’t think about them.
I never thought for a moment “what happens if i get sick?”

Yet here I am. Not sick exactly. I don’t have anything infectious, or life threatening. Yet I’m sat in a hospital bed with suspected appendicitis and waiting to find out if I need to have surgery tomorrow.

It sucks in more ways than one.

I’m not too fussed about me (appendectomies are routine) but I am super fussed about Emma.

She’s is great hands with her daddy, but it’s also his first time with her alone through the night.

I miss them both terribly.

Being sick whilst being a Mom is hard.

Baby Wearing

Towards the end of my pregnancy, a few of the ladies I’d met started a conversation about baby wearing and the benefits.

Babies feel comforted by being close to you, it’s calming for them.
You have your hands free to be able to eat/drink/read a book/do light housework etc.
Promotes healthy babies, being so close to mum or dad helps them to regulate breathing and physical responses.

For more information, check out this site.

Baby slings? They are super cute! And many of them very expensive! My Moby Wrap was £43, but some of them can go up to £160 (possibly even more!)

So I was delighted when my parents got me a Moby Wrap for my birthday.

It’s taken some getting used to for both myself and Emma.

Putting it on was easy (following the instructions) but getting Emma into the sling and settled, as well as ensuring I was comfortable and felt that Emma was secure, was another matter!!

It’s taken several attempts, but today we cracked it.

I put the sling on, put Emma in it, and after 2 adjustments, Emma was content and fast asleep within 5 minutes!


this post is not a sponsored or paid post, just simply my own views on a product I wanted to try out. This post is not endorsed by Moby Wrap. I am however happy to review baby products, so if you are a brand who wants to send me baby stuff in return for an honest review then please get in touch.

Welcome to Motherhood

Well, I am 4 days in to being a mother. When people say being a mother is hard work, boy were they NOT lying!

I can count the number of hours of sleep I’ve had on both hands over the last four days. Newborns are exhausting work!

Add to that hormones, being in hospital still and you’ve got me, a weeping snotty tired mess!

However her face? It makes it all worthwhile.
I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love my daughter.